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Funny 'My New Haircut' Video


anyone been to the jersey shore??


Hell, these tools have infected North Dakota.

Well there's at least one. So guy, knock it off. Nobody likes you.


They're EVERYWHERE where I am. Its fucking absurd.

As for the video, it's been out for a while and its fucking histerical.

Not now cheif, I'm in the fuckin' zone.


There need to be more videos making fun of different gym stereotypes cause they're fucking hilarious


You don't understand the magnitude of the problem until you've been to NY/NJ/CT. It's getting out of control.


"not now chief, I'm in the zone"

Ths is my new line. :-]


One of my roommates and I have been quoting this for a few weeks now.

I'm from Long Island so it hits really close to home for me, these guys are everywhere. My high school was infected with them.

For another really good laugh, here's a good site:


I found a picture one of my grade school friends on here, apparently he's a lot different now (he's one of the guys with the superhero shirts). There's also one of a kid I went to high school with, and it's good to know that he's still a homo.



Jaga-bums ... I laughed my ass off ... Guidos are so easy to make fun of ... It wouldn't be so funny if it wasn't so prevalent ... fuckin Guidos (and by saying guidos it is no way a put down to anyone of Italian descent unless, of course, if you happen to be a douche and Italian at the same time.

But, you don't have to be Italian to be a guido, but you DO, however, have to be a douche. And not just any douche, you have to be a fucking douche nozzle. That's my disclaimer).


Guidos: setting new standards for douchebags everywhere.


I grew up on Long Island myself, and it's a damn epidemic. Sadly no one realizes what deluded asses they look like to everyone else. One of my brothers dressed up as a Guido a couple of halloweens ago, spiked his hair up, put on a fake tan, borrowed a gold chain, and found a button up shirt that was a size or two too small. Funny as shit.



And that's the brass tax of the situation


LOL... I'm embarrassed to put this up, but it was funny as shit, too. I was a guido last halloween...


I feel your pain man.



It reminds me of those punk-ass Gotti dip shit kids from that realitly show...whatever the hell it was called.


One of my best friends beat the hell out of them one night at a party, but who hasn't at this point?



"Where's the goddamn protein, ma?!?"

Have you seen this yet?


I love how they all try to look so tough. Like when an animal tries to imitate a human but it doesn't understand why.


I hate guidos, they're an embarrassment to any respectable Italian.


Ok....I have to ask

WHAT THE FUCK is wrong with the orange ones??? do they actually think they look good or something? it doesn't even look remotely like any kind of fake tan let alone anything else

These guys are just a disgrace to any self respecting guy


No use cryin over spilled guineas....