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Funny Musings of Little Girls Softball


My oldest is midway through her first year of girls softball, after a couple of years of t-ball. Its for 1st and 2nd grade girls found a few funny things.

  1. How upset my daughter gets when she doesn't hit the ball every time its thrown to her. I forgot how frustrating it is for a kid to miss a pitch. She's only struck out twice, so I try telling her that her average is fine. A hallow victory in the mind of a 7 year old.

  2. An entire infield and outfield of girls (mine included) watching everything but the person at the plate.

  3. That one intense kid (not mine) who would swear that pro scouts are in the stands right now, and that everyone should bring their "A Game"

  4. The fact that there is a need for two catchers. The first being a girl wearing all the catcher pads. The second being a coach to actually catch the balls, since the first has no chance of catching any.

All in all this is becoming one my favorite summer things to watch. And with two younger kids I'm content to know that I'll be enjoying this for quite a long time.

For everyone else, whats one of your favorite summer activities?


Oh.......not what I was hoping for...


Agreed, however OP did mention that watching little girls is becoming one of his favorite hobbies...so the thread still has potential

In all seriousness, I enjoy being able to read outside pretty much anywhere. Oh and looking at the women in skimpy outfits


As a girl I used to spend the entire summer in my bathing suit at the lake(I always lived down the street from a lake). It seems weird swimming in a pool, too warm.


Lol - that's cute OP. I have a 3 year old girl myself - so I will not pollute your thread with weird, inappropriate sexual innuendo.

It's great watching her grow and learn new things everyday....


Wait till the outfielders start chasing butterflies and looking at grasshoppers as a ball goes wizzing past them.



My oldest son just started his first year of t-ball. Summer will never be the same. There has been at least one moment per game where one of the players just randomly walks off the field and either ends up in the bathroom or, even better, on the playground.


We had two pitchers: the coach who actually pitched and the best player on the team as sidekick...I think the sidekick was the one who actually fielded anything hit back to the pitcher's mound.

I was the worst on the team so I was in right field and they always had to have a cut-off person between me and the infield. Probably would have helped if I had been taught to throw properly.....


Girls can't throw.


Enjoy those beautiful daughters, they grow up real fast!
Mine is 16 now, I don't know what happened to the delicate little princess LOL, now she just wants to lift and hang with the boyfriend. Time flies!


aw, thats great :slight_smile:

i remember my dad seemed to like watching me play field hockey when i was little.

we just played on half a field (i started when i was 7). we were 'supposed' to hold positions but basically we'd just all try and tackle the person with the ball and the whole thing was a big clusterfuck.

it was fun, though.

i was pretty good at smashing ankles, i think :slight_smile:


Girls throw exactly like I throw a ball with my off hand. It's hilarious. =P