Funny incident

 This is a lil embarrassing, but a while back I flew to Philadelphia International Airport. I was at the USAir Express terminal waiting for my connection flight and I just HAD TO go to the restroom. 

 There was a restroom right next to a sort of rock cafe, thing is, there was only one sign in front of the doors with both the male and female symbols... I just tried out the first door and there was a hot chick inside...

 ...Well, I was very apologetic and asked her if this was the girls room (duuuuh)... Much to my surprise she says what sounded to me like 'It's mixed'. I thought, oh cool, a mixed restroom with hot chicks - good to go. Well there were no urinals, so I had to use the actual toilet. I come out and there's THE HOTTEST chick Id ever seen in a short skirt, high heels, gorgeous big boobs, taking a tampon while Im washing my hands. 

 Leaving that restroom with tens of people in the hallway embarassing to say the least...God that chick was hot though, lol.

 I realized afterwards that what sounded to me like 'it's mixed' was actually 'It's next door' (you just had to listen over all the last call for flight such and such on the speakerphones, and the security warnings about scissors and clippers)

Philly International is a fucking madhouse. God, I hate that place. I think I’ve used that bathroom before.

LOL That is a great story!!! I almost pissed myself reading it.

I was in a restaurant here in Calgary about two years ago and did the same thing. I got confused with the new age symbols on the doors and went in the one that had the symbol that looked most masculine. Well, there were no urinals, but that didn’t surprise me, I just figured with the new age symbols on the door, nothing inside was going to be normal. So I set about pissing in the stall, left the stall door open and just let loose. Suddenly I felt this tapping on my shoulder. I said “excuse me, I’m a little busy.” The tapping then became rather fierce and I turned around, almost peeing on the walls of the stall. It was a girl. She told me I was in the wrong washroom. I aplogized, turned around and finished. When I left there were about a dozen people laughing at me outside in the hall.

A friend of mine had a similar experience one time except he had explosive diarrhea and didn’t realize his mistake until he was already sitting down, pants around the ankles and heard girls voices outside the stall. They were commenting on the men’s shoes that he was wearing and could see under the door. He kept his mouth shut and was stuck in there for an hour before he could make his getaway.

Daym, I don’t feel so bad now about walking into the ladies dressing room at Golds… twice

Craig: The question is, was there any graffiti on that stall?

Hmm, big guy?

This wasn’t on accident, which is what was so strange, but it’s related. While in the locker room in my old college gym, a couple of gym workers came strolling through (it was some sort of cut-through to an office or something). Well, one of them was a girl, and they just led her right on through. No announcements or anything.

Ladies, that is a not a nice thing to do. Not because you’ll embarass the guys, but because locker rooms are mostly populated by hairy old men who like to walk around naked.

Okay, this one was a LONG time ago.

I was in jr. high, and the boys locker room door was right across the hallway for the girls gym (yes, the gym classes were segregated). But the set-up of the locker room was such that a hallway went straight down from that door, with the lockers on one side and the showers on the other. The big joke was to fling the door open when some one was walking across buck-naked and expose said person to any girls that might be in the hallway.

Well, also along this hallway was a drinking fountain. I happened to be taking a drink at the time, and some joker opens the door and holds it there. So I’m pissed, and I just stood up, turned to him, and told him to shut the @#(&Q%$ing door. Okay, all well and good so far. But it just so happened that a girl was waiting at the gym door (which had a narrow window), and saw the motion which caused her to turn my way as I’m standing there totally nude save for a towel in my hand (which was shaking at the moron who was holding the door open). I see her do the gasp thing, covering her mouth, and she ran away. I just turned slowly and walked into the showers.

Funny, she never wanted to go out with me, even years later…

And along with that, what is it with women doing the gasp thing like that, and cover their MOUTHS!!! You’d think they’d cover their eyes…

Maybe she liked what she saw ;0)

Maybe her imagination caused her to *gag* at the sight of your manhood, causing her to cover her mouth with her hand...

Was over in Asia, and all the doors had characters on them, which I couldn’t read. I picked one and walked in. The first thing that struck me was how clean and well-appointed it was, but I figured, hey, it’s a fancy hotel. Then I realized there were no urinals. And then I spotted the couch, and it dawned on me were I was. I learned the characters for “men” and “women” real quickly.

I love the restrooms in which there is an actual “rest room” outside of the toilet area, apointed with couches, newspapers, and whatnot.

This was a few years ago when I actually went to clubs…shudder! I walk into the bathroom. Hmmmmmm odd no urinals…keep looking around…cool there’s hot girls in here…(slowly slowly the hamster is spinning the wheel a bit faster with every turn until…ding!)…shit I’m in the girls bathroom!!! I bolted super fast just as one of the ladies was about to turn around. I’m so cool. Yay me. :slight_smile:

 I used to travel every week to Orlando , Chicago, Saint Louis, Boston (I LOVED Boston), L.A., San Francisco, and so forth for free because I was a US Airlines employee - and I ALWAYS had to connect in Philly international...which means I got to know the girlls at the rock bar pretty well, lol. You know you're flying way too much when you're a regular at the airport bar and the bartenders know your name and what you're going to order... It was pretty neat though bumping into pilots I worked for in my little home Airport down in philly - it sort of made me feel at home down there. I got so comfortable with the USAir Express terminal (terminal F) I didnt mind sleeping overnight there when I lost the last flight back home because it was overbooked...and the flight attendants....mmhmm - prime rib. You'd get numbers from these girls, which allowed you to go visit them in Los Angeles, Orlando, Boston...That was the sweet life.

CMC, funny thing, according to my gf, women’s washrooms can sometimes be worse than men’s in terms of grafitti. I wish I had of known this when I was younger. All those “For a good time call” messages on the walls would have come in awfully handy.


I fly out of Philly all the time. the bartenders and servers in the Rock Cafe are smokin hot. All of them. Plus they have Guiness on tap.

couple of weeks ago I was going into that terminal and a hot Russian girl was in front of me going through security. They had her take her shoes, belt off. Then lift her shirt up a little and take her belly chain off. She was complaining and she noticed that I had to remove nothing.

I offered to buy her a drink at the rock cafe. We had a blast. She lives in Philly. We went out a few times and she is a sex machine. Not looking for a realtionship and either am I. Great match up.

I love Philly airport now. Always have a smile when I have to use it.

 I loved it too!!!! AArrggghhhhhh... there were PLENTY of hot girls to hook up with at the terminals. Gorgeous college chicks waiting by the terminal almost asking to be approached lol.

 Hedo, is that gorgeous petite redhead still working at the Rock cafe? *drools* She had SUCH a nice ass... I just loved their black short shorts and their red tanktops. That is a pretty sweet bar when you're waiting for a flight. Heck the whole place is warming with stuff to do, they have a whole mall there, chinese restaurants, italian rstaurants, all thats missing is Testosterone magazines on the racks - when I flew there I never came across one. You hear that TC? You gotta bring T-mag to the Airport stands. There's nothing like getting a good read from your favorite magazine while you're getting drunk at a bar at a busy airport and still have 4 hours to go before your flight home - that is, if it's not overbooked, in which case you may just have to sleep on the terminal and use the mag to cover your face while you lie down...

  If you travel a lot, and can afford to fly regularly, or fly for free, than there's nothing like hooking up with girls all over the place. Is there? Besides, chicks at the airport always look good for their families or business trips, and flight attendants, well the hot ones speak for themselves...and trust me when they're hot they're *HOT*.

  The hot single ones also have a penchant for making new friends in every city they fly to, so they can go visit them and have a place to stay on their days off...One, a smoking hot 24 yr old F.A. had guys she hooked up with in Los Angeles, Boston, Saint Louis, Orlando, Philladelphia, and tons more cities I cant remember. She had flown EVERYFREAKINWHERE! She warned me not to visit Texas, as of the whole United States, it was the most boring place on the planet lol. Get this - when her flight back home got cancelled she just called one of her men in L.A., and one in Saint Louis and let them know she might be coming to visit, as soon as she found out if there was a seat available for either. Some of them get around, although I shouldnt be giving the good ones a bad reputation.

Diesel-Texas boring? The girl must have never left D/FW airport! That freakin’ airport is huge, and not a lot to do there. Once you get into either Dallas or Ft.Worth proper, that changes. And Austin is just one good time all around. She must have been too tired to get out and around when she came here.

 LOL, I dunno, she said something about the cows, how it's all trees, too hot, and I think the bars didnt appeal much to her. She genuinely disliked it, but that's her. I believe Texas can be a good time.


I don’t remember the redhead but my brain was kind of on sensory overload the last time I was there. It gives me a good reason to look for her next week.

Philly is kind of neat as airports go. They really improved it. I actually told a few buddies that I would go to that bar at the terminal even if I did not have to fly…