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Funny Idea to Burn Cals


So being an idiot an all, i decided how cool it would be if we could use the evaporation of water to allow people to expend calories, much like exercising, but not.

The heat of vaporization of water is 539 calories per gram. per kilogram of water that is 539 kilocalories or Calories.

the specific heat of water is 1 calorie/gram/deg C. and of vapor .48 cal/gm/C. and if we take body temp as 37 deg C then.

.52*63= 32.76 calories/gm= 32.76 Calories/kg + 539 Calories/kg

this means if we can use our bodies to evaporate 1kg of water we burn 571.76 Calories.

Imagine an apparatus that put very thin layers of water on your body to expend energy in this way.

haha i wonder how long it would take for a kg of water to evaporate(1 Liter).

it's essentially like sweating but not drying it off your body.


cant remember the exact number, but I have read that if you drink a gallon of ice water you would burn off about ten pounds in a year because of the effect of your body having to heat the water up to your temperature.


Yes but the brain freeze would kill you.


this idea works on direct heating of water.

my idea is using the heat of vaporization of water, which is 539x more costly in terms of energy.

so this way will burn calories at a much faster rate.


Of course, you'd be wet all of the time...

Try lifting harder.


I wonder if the body would compensate by adding some fat layers as insulation - or is blubber an evolutionary adaptation and not one that can happen via stimuli? Anyone know the answer to this?


Actually I read somewhere that 8oz of freezing cold water (literally 0 degrees celsius) burns about 50 calories when it's drank. So a half-gallon of freezing water would burn an extra 400 calories a day.

I actually have tried to implement this. Fuck cardio, I'll just take some H2O.


Freezing water is called ICE. Have fun.


This is another thermodynamics doodad ain't it?

Metals require a lot more calories to vaporize, so why don't we spray ourselves down with mercury to burn calories?


so basically you want to burn calories by making yourself colder? Take off your sweater & turn the heating down.


Why are there fat eskimos if this works?


Really? Damn... I must've not been paying attention in 9th grade chemistry...

I'm sure I don't have to remind you that water does not instantly form to ice at 0 degrees. Latent heat of fusion anyone?


So, your plan is to catch the water just before it freezes and becomes ice and drink it down fast before it warms up more than a degree? Let us know how that turns out for you.


If you think about it, this really isn't a very farfetched idea. Thermic effect of feeding is well documented. Everything you eat or drink must take some sort of energy to process. Since water is 0 calories there has to be a negative energy balance there, slight as it may be.

I don't think anybody can deny that it's POSSIBLE to burn extra calories by drinking cold water. Whether it's practical/useful is another debate.

I prefer water to most other drinks. I prefer cold water to warm water. Therefore, I frequently drink cold water. If I burn some extra calories while doing so, that's pretty cool I think. If not, well, I think I will still drink the water when I get thirsty.


Hawt eskimo fitness model.


How much pleasure does it give you to put words in other people's mouths?

In the interests of avoiding a pointless internet argument over a pretty silly topic:

1.) I'm going to drink water, because I get thirsty.
2.) It's a fact that cold water takes more energy for your body to process than warm water, although it most likely is pretty slight.
3.) I like drinking cold water anyway.
4.) Since:
A. I prefer the taste of cold water.
B. It may burn more calories to consume.
5.) I try to make my water as cold as possible when I drink it.

Please feel free to tell me what is so ridiculous about that.


I'd hit it.

I'd make sure to drink some extra cold water first to burn off a quick pound or two of body fat so my hawt sixer was showing.


I'm not the one talking about how ice will melt the pounds off of you. I apologize for assuming that is exactly what you are talking about.

Come on, let's eskimo kiss and make up.


Correct me if I'm wrong (which I probably am), but the energy used for the evaporation of water off the surface of the skin would not be expended by your body, rather through an energy transfer in the atmosphere, because the evaporation of water is the dispersion of the water into the air.
You're also assuming that the body would use stored fat first to fuel the evaporation process, which is not necessarily the case, no?

A more foolproof idea would be to just boil away the fat through the application of intense heat to the skin. Literally "melting away" the fat.



Let's go back to the original post (I can't believe nobody has mentioned it yet).

The heat of vaporization of a liquid is defined as the amount of heat required to turn a liquid into a gas at its boiling point. I can see how your idea could work. Here would be the required steps:

1) Heat water until its boiling point.
2) Dump it on yourself.
3) Watch as the heat from your body vaporizes the water.
4) Watch as your fat melts off. Low bodyfat, baby!

Please be sure to make a videotape of yourself doing this exercise. I would be fascinated by the results.