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Funny Guy Squatting

I was just walking into my gym the other day and I seen another person squatting! I have maybe seen 3 other people squat, and I have been the only one to go past parallel. I was so shocked, especially to see that he had 495 on the bar. 

I got changed to come out and lift, and he had another 100 pounds on! I watched him start the lift, and he literally went down 2 inches, and not only that, he screamed as loud as he could on the way up. After he reracked it with such force it almost knocked the whole rack over, I just laughed, shook my head and walked away.

Later on that week I had to pull 300 pounds off of his chest because he was benching without a spotter. He also tosses weights around like he owns the gym. How many people are squatting, and actually deep in your gyms? How many idiots are there running around like they are the baddest guy alive?

That is more the norm than the exception unfortunately.Load up the squat bar and perform quarter squats,forced rep bench presses from rep number one,etc.

Another of my “favorites” is the guy who loads 800 pounds on the leg press,wraps his knees and barely unstraightens his legs while screaming like his testicles are being pulled off.Lets also not forget curls in the squat rack with 65 pounds.These are a few of the reasons I train at home alot more these days.

nah we have this one guy at my gym that loads the smith maching up til he cant get another possible plate on either side, then just stands around it like he’s in between sets of squats then just puts them away
great stuff