Funny experience in the gym (in Korea)

So I’m in the gym yesterday, fighting a cold and trying to get through my workout. I just finish a superset of d-bell mil. press and lat. raises, and hang my head between my legs. When I raised my head after a few seconds, this old Korean guy is looking at me. I give him the ‘courtesy nod’ and he looks at me and says, “No pain, no gain!!!” I laughed my ass off.


HA…HA…HA. Thats a fucking great anecdote there scooter. Will you regale us with more tales of old people staring at you at the gym. Please


He’s in Korea, guys. Just the fact that some old fart gets it and says…

ahh, never mind.

Big Willie, remember what the old man says, Grasshopper!

I get it.

I also get all the gym staff not-so-subtly staring at me when ever I do any multi-joint exercise that isn’t a bench press. And the one dude who grins at me and squeezes me arms everytime I walk by him. And having to explain to the guys in the shower, “no gangster, Canadian” after they see I’ve got tattoos.

Korea rules.

I guess the first few responders fit into the ‘dumb meathead’ category as they can’t read the post and figure out that in Korea, they don’t speak English too much. So when a 70 year old man looks at you in, IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY WHERE THEY DON’T SPEAK ENGLISH (if you could see me I’d sign it to you as well), and says, “No pain, no gain,” it’s a little humorous.

sheesh, this board has gone to hell in a handbasket. People just can’t keep their snarky comments to themselves anymore.

oh and Jake, eat cock fucktard.

I remember tring to do curls one day and these two hotties were sitting on the benches close to me, talking about their crotchless underwear.

I tried to concentrate on my set, but it was hard. Couldn’t they do this in-between my sets!

yeah i got it. ITS STILL NOT FUCKING FUNNY. If he offered you a reach around then that would have been hilarious

Wish I was a member of your gym Jeff! We’re kinda of lacking in the hotty department, especially the ones wearing crotchless panties.


Impressive that the old guy knew the slang… Did he look like an old-time lifter ?
At least he has part of the lifting mentality down and props for using the line… shows he knows…

Eh, it’s one of those things that has to happen to you personally to be funny.

I do have a Korean buddy who is obsessed with becoming the “next Arnold.” But then he saw dudes like Ronnine Coleman, and change his phrase to, “I’ll become the next female Arnold… and still come out looking lika a woman.”

Morg, shouldn’t you be posting those pics in the virgin thread?

That’s damned funny, man.

SPBM. That was awesome. You rule.