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Funny Exaggerations in Fitness Magazines

Just read an article in which the author stated that Tiger Woods can bench press 400lbs. What a joke! I have heard before that he can bench press 275lbs. That is believable as I have seen many wirey guys that can do that. Then I heard that he can bench 315. A little farfetched, but still possible. However, saying that he can bench 400lbs is just ridiculous and an insult to the reader.

This reminds me of an article that I read about Mario Van Pebbles(remember him from New Jack City) workout in which the author stated that Mario can bench press 315 for five sets of 10. Ha ha, maybe prop weights, but not the real thing.

Mike Mahler

Yeah, about 2 months ago I read some thing about this 80-something year old man. He ran 20 miles, trained with weights, swam an obsurb amount of laps. Sounded believable until they said he did this six days a week.

Hey Mike-

Maybe he’s been playing with the KB’s recently without your knowledge to help his swing, and is now seeing some “side efects”!?:slight_smile: SRS

LOL - what made this post twice as funny is that Mike posted it. I nearly fell off my chair! Good stuff man


that must be it SRS, I knew that he must have been training wth kettlebells :slight_smile: