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Funny CrossFit Spoof


Sorry if it is a re-post, I used the search function and did not find it.

And NO by posting this, I am not slamming x-fit. No matter what you are into, x-fit, bodybuilding, powerlifting, etc...you need to be able to laugh at yourself because what is totally normal to you is absurd to the majority. And thats ok since the only person who matters is you. I lauged hard at this one ^^^


Part II


Man, THIS is funny.
I have clients all the time that go through an intense Olympic lift style workout with me, and they ALWAYS say, "Man, that was like crossfit right? Like a WOD?"
I just shake my head.
Why does everyone hold Crossfit on such a pedestal? I rehab more injuries from that shit that most any other "sport." I use that term loosely.
Best CrossFit definition ever -
"It makes men small and women hot"


"Listen jackass, if you want to play on the monkey bars like a fucking little kid, go to the park and play. That's a fucking squat rack, dip shit, not a jungle gym"



i'm going to post this on my facebook as a subtle jab at my crossfitting friends


xfit got me jacked


Here is a similar cartoon targeting POWERLIFTERS. Considering I used to compete I should be offended but I was laughing too hard to be mad :wink:


My girlfriend CrossFit's and a good friend of mine owns the affiliate here locally. They think this shit is hilarious...he even put it on his web-sites main page.

His point was....you have to be able to laugh at yourself some times.


ah I loled. I feel really ashamed to actually know what FRAM though. The video nailed it right on.


'glad to hear your still enjoying your adult daycare workouts' LMFAO


Crossfitters: Dont let them near your grandma.


"I'm like a god damn Navy seal and Olympic gold medalist wrapped in a fuckin suit of body armor"


dave tate pimps these videos like crazy, well he did.


This is awesome - I'll be working with a powerlifter this summer (I'm a bodybuilder) so I can't wait to dig him about the squat's capacity to cure cancer!