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Funny Commentary On Style/Fashion


I have a gay friend who happens to be a fashion designer for a fairly reputable clothing line.

He's always talks shit about me being a slob or whatever. I'm not gay and not even close to being a metrosexual so we often joke about how I spend 400 dollars on protein...and he bought a pair of shoes...

Anyway we got across to the topic of what women want... a topic of a recent T-Nation article.

Considering that he's gay, he generally has more open conversations with women than I perhaps would have. Especially the anti T-vixen type... the rich girl who would rather get lipo than actually work out, or the girl who watches every single form of reality tv and considers someone passe if they don't (yet has no idea who herodotus is)... Basically the aspiring "Desperate housewife".

I ask him what do these women really want as far as style, etc... he launches into a speech regarding differing styles and being original with your look and hybrid styles such as skateboarders and hip hop and how thats crossed over blah blah freakin blah.

then he stopped mid sentence at one point and just said...

Friend: "Wait, actually all our hypothetical male really want is to get girls in bed, right...?"

Xen: "Of course..."

Friend: "Then outside of a formal situation, be built enough to wear a wifebeater, a nice pair of jeans, and clean shoes... and if you smell good and have a bit of charm you can have just about anywoman you want."

Xen: "Really? What about the Tobey McGuire type? What qualifies as built...?"

Friend: "Um, Vin Diesel-y...Tobey? haha! Sure they want him for a relationship... for girls like that having a boyfriend is like having a dog, you might have a chihuahua, but you really admire the wolf... which is why rich women sleep with the 'built gardner' and other manly types."

.....Meaning in a relationship that type of woman wants the kind of man she has tamed. And like a Paris Hilton chihuahua she can dress up and carry around with her in her tote bag.

She can show this kind of guy off to her gf's and say "aww isn't he so cute", and knows that she has him whipped.

She'll taste test the "Wolf" but she'll never have one because she can't, you can't tame one.

Though sometimes a man will attempt to change his nature to fit his significant other.

This is when the wolf tries to be a chihuahua.

Two options occur:

a) she leaves him because a wolf will do a shitty job at being a chihuahua... The dress up clothes won't come in his size and he'll have a hard time fitting into her Prada bag.
He's now half an image of his wolf self... his wild side is extingushed till he reclaims his howl. Took the metaphor a little far but you should see my point.

b) Just like a wolf, even if you attempt to tame it... it is still a wild beast and at somepoint will turn on you. Likewise you'll either get tired of black tie affairs and talking about perfecting your golf swing and go back to your t-shirt with jeans and watch a little football. And when she normally would be able to cause you to jump up and do as she says... You'll reply with "Fuck you...I'm busy" and shatter her world.

So T-Nation, my fellow Wolves, I'll share with you my greatest fear (up to this point):

I fear losing my Wolf sense, I fear no longer being rough around the edges, I fear becoming a pushover for whatever purpose, I fear losing it to the corporate world or to a weak minded woman.

I wouldn't dare assume that I know, I'm a fucking kid. But I think it's best to find a career, a life partner, and friends who either allow your beast to roam free or are fellow wolves that run with you.

oh and that other point I started to make was that women (at least the future blue whales of america) still want to fuck the built guy...they just don't want to marry us :slight_smile:

Howl @ the Moon,

Xen Nova