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Funny-Ass DL Video


Sorry if this has been posted before, but I saw this on another board and laughed my fucking ass off when I saw it.



This did make me laugh. I kind of feel bad about it since I love to dead lift and, unless this is some kind of hoax, this poor kid could seriously hurt himself. What on earth is he trying to do with the weight?



He grabbed it by the haunches and H...H...Humped it into submission.


Looked to me like he was trying to have sex w/ it.



How he did not fuck his back up I dont know.


That is Diesel Weasel's lifting partner, of who is setting new partial PRs all over the place!



Yep. That is what I was thinking. :slight_smile:


I thought this one was posted before, and that we determined it was fake (and somebody said that the guy himself said it was just a joke).

Look at how he handles the bar especially putting it back down.


i saw that and was going to post until i saw that you had already...this guy..i mean, seriously....hahahaha...


Man I miss the Deez....Has he started wearing PL gear? Check out the guy in the background looking over like WTF?! And the intro is great..."knees reached"

I'm using that school of thought on my next date.....

Big Drew's First Attempt with Nancy
(Tits touched, pants unbuttoned)

Better luck next attempt Deez!


it's 100% joke


I think it fucked my back up just watching it!


Someone mentioned another video someone made making fun of the DeezWeez. Here it is:

I think this guy just sucks.





Man you gotta give that guy props for joking around with that. If I even joked around like that with more than 200lbs, my back would have me in bed for a week.


I think the consensus back then was that it was some guy making fun of The Deez. Somebody read it on another forum, I believe.


LOL, that's the funniest DW video I've seen yet. Why the hell would you post a failed lift?

Made all the more lame by the fact that he's wearing powerlifting equipment...

He's the kind of guy I would like to spot on bench press, and when he fails, as he apparently always does, to shove the bar down onto his chest and walk away. Maybe he'd post that video too...


wow dude, that's morbid, especially considering that he'd probably be failing on a press that's at least 100 pounds too heavy for him.


This is true, but I feel no pity for morbidity applied to someone who can suck so bad, yet continue to be so flamboyantly arrogant... I can't stand people like that.

If I suck at something, at least I'll own up to it and work on improving my suckiness, and not try to show it off in the meantime...