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Funny as Hell Pic a Friend Sent Me

Omg, I’m old enough to remember ironing clothes for work and pantyhose wtf! :laughing:


I bet im older…

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Haha is that in bulldog years…:hugs:

I wish…
got another pic for you may or may not find amusing…

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Actually, I was disappointed they didn’t have a buffer wW in the marvel movies!

I do find amusing :crazy_face:

probably felt they could not market a more jacked female in the lead. Or they could not find one with the proper acting ability.


That’s a much better pic than what I remember in movie. Yeah, she can bitch slap Barbie unless, Barbie, kicks her in the throat with her stilettos cuz she is flexible haha

Pic isn’t of Gal Gadot but some random women doing cosplay I found

She’s hawt all the same! Damn!

She can be my wonderwoman anyday!!


She has a nice sword, really she does :innocent:

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Ok I was 1/2 wrong… I believe ( after enlarging it and looking)its a Cosplayer ,But Gadots face has been overlaid on.

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Have I missed something? What has replaced ironing? Haha Because I’d be right on board - I hate ironing!

My hubby wears polos now and I wear whatever I want

I posted two new pics on powerful women. I’m getting there because I don’t have to iron. Instead I knead dough lol. I so love baking haha

I believe this was not ment for me