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Funny Article

WebMD with AOL Health - Mind Your Manners – in the Gym http://aolsvc.aol.com/dietfitness/news/main35.adp

Anyone need a good laugh? this article tells people that grunting ruins the workout atmosphere, and that you should never let the weights make a thud !!

…Oh, my favorite one is that its best to keep cell phone conversations short while in the gym!! How about leaving the phone in the car?

basically etiquette in a pussified gym…

I also LOVED this gem from that page:


This is exactly what I want to hear from “condition specialists”, though. This means that the clueless wankers who go straight to machines and avoid free weights will be out of my way in the morning! HA!!

Here’s my favorite part:

“Some people just leave dumbbells on the floor, which is totally dumb…it could hurt other members who, WHILE LOOKING AT THEMSELVES IN THE MIRROR, back up and don’t see it on the floor”

Hahaha. I personally think people who go to the gym to watch themselves flex in the mirror deserve a fall.

"If you’re really in a rush and can’t wait for someone to finish, Warpeha recommends looking for alternatives. “More than one machine can work out a particular muscle,” he says. “If all else fails, use free weights.” "

I still can’t get over this, that’s fucking hilarious

“If all else fails, use free weights” is the best quote I’ve heard in quite a while!

how about at the end of the article:

Remember that the locker room is not your personal private space. This means other people may not appreciate it if you spread your stuff all over the benches, leave your shaven hair in the sink, put towels on the floor, and forget to flush the toilet.

“forget to flush the toilet” ? Are you kidding me? What, do they have 2 year olds working out at this place?