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Funny 700lb Deadlift


Eric Frasure pulling 700lb and self censoring himself. We were laughing so hard when he got it and he was hungover as shit. This was after rack pulling 1000lb and he had already done 660.


Why was that funny?






Meh, I guess its one of those things where you had to be there b/c I can't watch this and not laugh. The fack that he yells "Mother Fucker" as he is throwing the weight down isn't funny to anyone else? Like I said, guess you had to be there.


i liked the pirate flag around the gym, i must get one of those.


Not quite as satisfying as Frank Yang's deadlift, but still impressive.


i just googled frank yang deadlift. ill have to agree with you there




wow I'm sure he's enjoying his career in cirque de soleil thesedays


He's an "artist" now.


Geography joke?