Funniest Workout Video

not sure if this has been previously posted but i haven’t seen it before…

lets begin!

and a montage…

i wonder if this sold well

“Pretty different - isn’t it?”

oh yeah.

There used to be infomercials for this like 10-15 years ago. It is something about getting more oxygen through deep breathing, which is supposed to burn calories. Just another way to sucker people who want to lose weight, but don’t want to work for it.

I can’t believe it is still around, she even has a website

I wonder it the STOP THE INSANITY chick is still in operation? Apparently so.
I swear, you can find any damn thing on youtube. She is obviously still out of her mind, but curiously hot in an over-the-hill stripper kind of way.

Here she is in action, back in the day - YouTube

I like one of the comments from one of those youtube videos.

"This really works! I look 15 years younger, and I’m only 21. And it’s a great alternative to smoking. Every time I think I need a puff, I just go “Paaaaaahhhhh!”

Exercise that makes a 21 yo look like a 6 yo…Revolutionary.