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Funniest Threads



Here’s the 100 men vs a bear thread, it’s a riot


This thread still comes to mind every time I walk into a Home Depot:


That thread is awesome. Never seen that one before


That thread was great!!


This Thread got bumped and Chris rinses the fuck out of someone as usual which is entertaining.


Dat GIF in the reply tho. Nice


Just found this lol. High volume deadsss ftw😱


Don’t laugh, just do it!


700 x Weighted Push Ups with 3 plates on your back…

Time for some power titty gains





Oh man, I wish I could remember the one where OP posted about Green’s book being in the $1 bin. That thread is legendary.

*Was actually Nate Green

@LankyMofo you stilla round? Do you remember what this thread was called?

Awww shit, found it


Couple of other good ones:

Literally anything with SrJoker and/or google “Trapplejacks”.


I can’t believe this website is free.

Some outstanding selections so far. Keep 'em coming!


I feel like this is the start to another hilarious thread


SolidKhalid deadlifts 335 lbs and makes a thread to professor X about it

That was the funniest thread


Just saw this one. Lol to @khangles and how epically you roasted them. Sad to see you didnt gif them tho :scream:


@khangles there ya go lol. This thread is full of gifs, teletubby roasting and lots of trolling and arguing. Solid 9.5/10 so far with yet to come


Here,… the infamous pre-exhaust thread from several years back, where a certain former poster seemingly pretended to not understand how pre-exhaust training weakens the naturally dominant muscle group in a compound movement and argued for hundreds of pages.

I’ve actually had several of these types of old threads recommended to me lately by the forum, and in rereading them, I still chuckle and shake my head.