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Aaand time to summon the dark side…

(…when he threatens to pull out his crayons things are getting serious!)

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“You need to eat,get a cheeseburger on the way to the gym”

Credit to @lord_humongous for the thread bump.

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This thread is gold. Where the fuck have I been?

Also, fwiw duke was totally not in the wrong for the flame war with wintergirl. It was obviously a troll account that he just trolled back. And if she wasnt a troll then that’s even worse lol.

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Not in the wrong for once lol. I’ll probs get flamed for saying this but just because they’re a girl doesnt exclude them from being flamed for acting like a dumb fuck/Troll. Its not bullying. IMHO no one would scream “Bullying” if it was a dude.

Seriously? Like him or not, taking his pictures with his face visible and turning them into memes is pretty disgusting. Some of the most pathetic acts from keyboard warriors I’ve seen.

You guys whine about the parts of PC culture that involves mob justice and public shaming? Don’t blame the millennials. It all started with shit like this.

Utterly disgusting.

To be fair, the thread was started in (what was supposed to be) light-hearted fun, and used the picture he put on here himself as his profile picture. But then ass holes ruined it like everything else

Yeah I agree it seems to have started and ended like you described. Doesn’t change the fact that the latter happened. I also don’t think PX’s original intent of posting his profile pic was for, nor did he imply any consent to it being used as a meme.

Grown men should understand these things. Argue, hurl profanities, whatever go fucking nuts. But like it’s an unspoken rule that you don’t, for example, bring up someone’s family, you also don’t do stupid shit like this which can have an effect on people in real life.

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" The Duffel bag curl guy "


Lmao some good shit in that thread! With no disrespect to the OP this had me in stitches!

And than

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The squatting part and than everyones responses almost had me in tears :joy::joy:

Ooh another goodie… featuring OP’s pictures getting jacked of to, OP getting roasted alot + Birth of “The crew”


That logic though:
“My abs are protruding, can anyone help me?”
“Can we see your abs?”


@duketheslaya I feel honored you included me…
Yeah even though I really have only done it to one other person on here before and I was in asshole mode , plus i had my reasons.


I admit I baited the hell out of the individual for the hell of it from the start but…



Funniest part about the thread is I found out I have a crew…LOL


Damn I am honored that my thread is featured here


Its the first step to joining the crew, good luck

This thread was great


Okay! This was some funny shit!