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Hey guys! Comment links to troll threads whether there from 10 years ago or this year, just for a good laugh! Thanks.


Insert generic teen first cycle thread with obligatory “I know what I’m doing don’t tell me how to live my life”

Also all of my posts lel

This shit below was pretty funny to me at least, the OP came off a complete knob tho.

At first dude was like full natty brah, only hard work. Worship my nattiness. A couple days later be like fuark maxed out natty gains brah time to hop on the bicycle.


GPS Tracked My Fiancé

The thread called something like “6 months, 50 pound improvement” where a young guy was arguing that 5/3/1 would limit his gains


Another teenage troll thread by some douche.:sunglasses::stuck_out_tongue::cowboy_hat_face: @duketheslaya




Good to see you are still humble though



The classic:

Another classic:

Now I’m worried about my own clavicles…:laughing:


Guilty as charged


Love the pointy clavicles guy. He’s a tnation legend.


Can’t believe I forgot about the Predator Program.


My log. The state of my lifts are a joke.
Seriously though, the topic about clavicle lengthening surgery I found good for a laugh https://forums.t-nation.com/t/going-to-do-clavicle-lengthening/226842




Lol i knew someone was going to do that :joy:, it wasnt me my account got hacked :wink::wink:


Clavicle lengthening haha how have i not seen that thread up until now😂



Will you conjugate with lions or remain a sheep?


Baaa Baaa


wasn’t he the same dude that claimed basketball players literally only needed to deadlift and OHP?



Here’s the 100 men vs a bear thread, it’s a riot


This thread still comes to mind every time I walk into a Home Depot: