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Funniest Things Said During Workouts


We've all be in the gym and someone says either something crazy/funny...like Ronnie Coleman - "Everybody wants to be big, but nobody wants to lift heavy weight," "Nothin' but a peanut!"

..or we come across questions like..."Do those chains add more weight to the bar?" :confused:


Right as I start to descend with my warm up with 225 for squats - "You're the strongest girl I've ever seen! Is that the most you've ever lifted?"


Guy "I think I was losing to much muscle mass by doing to much cardio, so I stopped cardio"

Me in my head "How can you lose something that you don't have?"




guy asks..."yo, i'm looking for a mma sparring partner.." think he was lost


honestly, I would have said the same thing. I have seen one woman around here squat and deadlift, and she struggled to pull a BW DL.

On topic: I get a kick seeing the bro's spot each other on the smith machine (fuck it, any machine), yelling "push, push, all you" while the poor dude goes for his 5th set of forced reps, using a weight he cannot lift once.


"I couldn't get my calves to grow so I quit working them out"


"no I don't work out with heavy weights, I don't want to get too big" WTF?


Statement-"the owners don't want you to use chalk in the gym"


"why do you squat so low, won't that hurt your knees?"


"how do I get my shoulders to get bigger?"


" I just want to get toned" WTF???


"doesn't that hurt?"


Me, benching 300 - "Oh, you're a little bitch!"

I haven't decided if I was talking to myself or the weights... :frowning:


6 separate posts in a row by Edgy ... trying to get your post count up big guy?


"Do you think these pants make me look fat?" Oh sorry, that was before I left for the gym.




You'd talk to someone in the middle of a rep?


3 1/2 years and 122 posts? slackin!


If it was you ... yea .. I'd say FUCK YOU PM