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Funniest Thing You've Seen at Your Gym


The other day i kid you not i saw a guy doing standing dumbell mp with 15lbs in each hand on one laeg balancing on a bosu ball or whatever you call it. I tried to get a picture without him seeing but some fat lady blocked my camera and then he stopped. Please everyone else share


I didn't see this in the gym, but it's pretty funny regardless. Some new guy posted in the "Powerlifting" sub forum of T-Nation started a thread about something dumb he saw in his gym. Little did he know, there's a series of threads entitled "Squat Rack Curls" within the "Get A Life" sub forum dedicated to the hilarious sights and people we encounter in the gym. I mean, I suppose we should give him a pass and all since he appears to be new, but c'mon, hilarious right? What a noob!


At my college gym, I saw this old guy sliding across the shower floor from one side to the other. Then, the other kids would start doing the same thing and race against him. Once they got bored with that, he would chase them around with a wet towel and try to snap it at their ass. Everyone would start laughing hysterically. I'd usually leave at this point, because once they were done just 'horsing around' everything instantly got real quiet. That was the craziest state university, I swear. Good times.


Based on some college stories I hear this doesn't sound out of place at all.


I saw this guy trying to take a picture at the gym but his fat-ass girlfriend kept getting in the way.


I always thought the mens locker rooms were something like this.


Christine that's exactly how they are.


This is a video I took myself at my gym. It has over 330,000 views on youtube.

This woman, if the treadmills to her left and right are free, would turn the other ones on too and hop from one to another. She also presses the up and down speed/incline buttons like she's conducting some sort of symphony. yeah, she's simply not all there.

Also not ice by the belt on her treadmill that she;s going dreadfully slow...I looked later and it was at about 1.8 kph, which is 1.1 mph.