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Funniest Thing on SNL In Years!


Sorry but the code to embed this video is not working so just copy the address into your address bar an watch the video.This is perhaps the funniest thing on SNL in years.


If that's the funniest thing on SNL in years they need some new writers.


SNL has been really downhill since the late 90's. I rarely watch, but was up sick Saturday night, when I caught that.
They indeed do need better writers, so much tries to be witty or sarcastic an it falls flat.


You're absolutely right. When Will Farrell left, it all went downhill because Tina Fey decided to write herself in as a cast member. Not to mention they hired Will Forte, Will Arnett, and Kel frickin' Mitchell. That show has taken such a bad dump in the ratings that Lorne Muchaels must be senile to want to continue it.


The digital shorts arent written by the SNL writers (I think). Its mainly Andy Samburg and his crew doing those videos, and they are routinely more funny than anything else on the show. Other ones were the Chronicles of Narnia rap, Natalie Portman rap, Lettuce, Dear Sister and a few others. There is a Wiki on SNL Digital Shorts worth checking out.


Out of sheer boredom I picked up an Entertainment Weekly in the waiting room last week and read an article about how SNL is funny again. I'm happy to report that Entertainment Weekly is fucked.

On a small side note, I really hate that Maroon 5 pole-smoker.


Dick in a box was WAY funnier than that shit clip.





this ones the best


i actually really liked it, got it on tivo, watched it like 3 times, i think its a catchy tune, and i also happen to be a maroon 5 fan.

You guys gonna ship me off to that other site now ?



I was going to say the same thing. Brings me back to the eddie murphy days.


What the shit is QFT?


quoted for truth.


It's a classic.

'Box in the box' is almost as good.
The chick singing it hotter than JT, has a better rack too.



Now this shit is funny.


SNL was amazing back in the day. I seriously didn't know they still made new episodes, considering started to suck at least three years ago.