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Funniest T-Members


I've been reading this site for a long time, longer than I've been posting. Some members on here really crack me up. This guy is usually funny all the time.

I nominate dollarbill44

In the "Prof X shower routine" thread, DB typed a longwinded funny reply to it. Only to have a reply to DB's post saying "paragraphs are your friend".

DB's response ..."Paragraphs are for pussies."

Even DB's one liners are pretty funny.
Its still the one post that made me laugh for awhile.

Anyway, I am not funny. At all! Even though I try to be comical, I really just am not funny in any way shape or form. So my hats off to you guys that have that gift.



I guess you cashed that check DB sent you.


Even though it's perverted sophomoric humor at it's core, I have laughed heartily at Klips posts. His earnestness in proclaiming "my dream is to rent homes to prostitutes," had me doubled over. Sasquatch99 was another master although, I don't think he was aware of it and can't forget another unaware master eliteballer.



It bounced!


And you still voted for him?

I guess he must have promised you something obscene.

But I bet he won't deliver on that either.


I agree with the DB nomination. He's hilarious at times. I've spit water out on my keyboard at work a couple times because of him, so I have to give him credit there. I always thought Bastard G, at least that was his last user name after a string of others, was hysterical too, but he's been gone for a while.


I hope not ...it was a reach around!


Dan Fouts aka bastard,bastard guy,etc FTW

I wonder what ever happened to him?


Zap Branigan. He is funny, but when you imagine the line being delivered as zap branigan its hilarious.


Your check is in the mail.


Seconded on that, but he's tied with CaliforniaLaw in my book.


Zap's dry wit cracks me up constantly. Mitch Hedberg like delivery.


Irish Muscle is funny when he wants to be. DB takes the cake though.


I'm going with Irish Muscle. Always has something funny to say.

Also, I nominate AssClown, on the sole basis of this one post in the 'Synthol Freak' thread:


"I'm going to inject synthol into my thumbs. When people ask, "How you doing?" I'll just go POW! Huge thumbs up! And they'll say, 'Wow! He's having a great day!'"


I'd have to go with Zap Branigan. Funny, smart, and let me just say this...no one can pull off yellow shoulder pads quite like you Zap.



That is pretty damn funny.


Klip,he leads the life we mortal men only dream of. His stories are things of legend even a mere mortal could not imagine them.
I hereby nominate Klip, I look forward to his legendary stories.


Quite the lovefest for the old Zapper but Dollarbill, pushharder, pookie, irish muscle and many more always crack me up.


Irish has a great "dont give a shit what YOU think" sense of humour.

Push has been db's mentor for a long time, but yes, he has a good few moments.

I'm a voyeur, so I prefer to watch.


Well Zapper, seems like you have a following.

I did by the way rate you second in my mind, only behind Klip.