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Funniest Pranks Pulled on Roomates?

What are some of the funniest things you’ve ever done or heard of being done to a roomate/housemate etc?

One of my old favorites was the jelly-filled doughnut switch. I’d take a jelly doughnut and turn it upside down and use a steak knife to cut out a plug. Then I removed the filling and put in the filling of my choice. I’ve used mustard, mint toothpaste and cinnamon flavored toothpaste.

Any way, I fill it up, put the plug back in place and leave it for some poor, unsuspecting bastard to eat. I got my roommate from my freshman year of school with the cinnamon one and he ate almost the entire thing.

Some various stuff we did in college:

-Took everything out of someone’s dorm room (furniture and all) and arranged it the same exact way in the common area and leave the room empty.

-One kid had a bottle of lotion in his clothes closet, presumably for whacking off. We dumped a whole thing of icy-hot in it, and sure enough when he used it for it’s intended purpose he had a nasty experience.

-One kid was notorious for eating anything that was laying around and taking food out of people’s rooms. We put out a thing of general tsao’s chicken and dumped castor oil all over it, sure enough he ate and shit his brains out for the next 24 hours.

Baking a Fart

Required Tools;
1 car w/ working heater (preferably some one elses)
Summer Temp in the 90+'s
One person w/ horrific gas

As owner of car exits car, person w/ gas turns on the heat as high as possible an proceeds to fart whilste
sitting in the car in 90+ degree heat (hopefull he can take the smell of his own gas)

As owner returns to car, turn off heat an act as if nothing happend.Let said owner enter an catch the fumes.

** If lucky enough smell may stay for a few weeks an prevent said car owner from actually being able to take dates in his car anywhere.

I once woke up my friend that moved in my starting a chainsaw next to his bed

My roommate poured a bucket of ice water on me from over the shower curtain when I was showering, I swear it made my heart stop.

Dane Cook:

“So I had this roommate a while back and he was gay, and I didn’t care. I would say like just pay the bill and you go fuck guys or whatever S’s. So, one night I felt a brush against my leg, and I looked down and he was sucking my dick. So I said, “Dude what the fuck are you doing?” and he said “I’m sorry sssssssssss”. So here’s what I said, and I’ll never forget it for as long as I live. I said “You finish up and you get the fuck out of here”.”

My and my one roommate collected all the old phone books as the new ones were being distributed, we got over 350 of them and then stacked my third roommates bunk from top to bottom front to back with them.

[quote]AceDeuce wrote:
What are some of the funniest things you’ve ever done or heard of being done to a roomate/housemate etc?[/quote]

  • One night we were all out and a friend from another city decided to drop in. He found that we weren’t there so he broke into the house. He saw a housemates keys to his brand new car sitting on the bench. Temptation got the better of him and took it out for a spin without any of us knowing. 4 weeks later the owner got a speeding ticket in the mail for 200km in a 50km zone. An 18 month driver suspension. Luckily the driver took responsibility after hearing about what happened.

I was over at a friends house for the night and went to sleep. When I woke up, my arms, ears, armpits, chest, and hands were covered in peanut butter and a hand-cleaner called goop. Chocolate chip cookies were glued to my hands with peanut butter.

Take the shower head off before your roomies next shower. place inside the shower head a small bit of either chicken or beef bullion. the hot water will cook it and leave your roommate smelling like ramen. Can take awhile to clean the smell out of the showerhead though so be warned.

We had a housemate that was a complete drunk. He would go out 2-3 nights per week and get written off. He’d puke on the carpet, in the kitchen sink, and piss on the couches. It was causing all sorts of problems with his schooling and his relationship with his family.

He was a good friend and we were all getting fairly concerned. So one night when he came home and passed out in bed another housemate took his belt and hung it noose style off the stairway and put his chair under it.

When he came too the following day he came out of his room looking fairly puzzled at the site of his belt and chair set up in a suicide aiding manner.

One housemate went out and told him that he came home drunk and tried to hang himself but was too pissed and couldn’t balance enough on the chair to get his head in the noose.

They guy freaked out and got off the booze from that day on. Funny how his family begging him to stop had no impact, yet an event that never really happened changed his life!

There are 12 captains including myself currently in this one tent. One is a prissy guy who nobody cares for, doesn’t do his own job, but tries to get into everyone else’s. He’s such a prissy clean freak we call him the Shower Princess, due to his abundance of toiletries he takes to the shower building daily.

Anyway, I had put some traps out for mice. I caught some, and put one of the dead ones in a space in the floor behind his cot, about 18 inches from where his head is when he sleeps. Put another 2 feet away behind an air conditioner unit in another space in the floor.

By day 2, he can tell something doesn’t smell right, but he can’t place it. Day 3 rolls around and he figures out something is dead and starts looking. Finds the one behind his cot. He asks me for some rubber gloves and he removes that one.

He keeps looking and finds the other behind the AC unit. He can’t reach it, so he makes some tongs out of a coat hangar and is daintily reaching for it, trying nor to contaminate himself.

All this mouse action makes me think I should check the traps again. Sure enough, I have another dead mouse. So while this guy is trying to use sterile technique to pick up this dead, bloated, stinking one, I snuck up behind him and dropped the fresh dead one over his shoulder so it hit the floor right in front of his face.

He screamed “Fuck, Shit” like a little girl, jumped up, knocked me over, threw his cot out of the way and the chair and ran out of the tent screaming. He was so freaked out it was unbelievable. Later, he said he literally almost fainted. Twice.

Turns out he had a phobia against rodents since childhood when a buddy of his was bitten by a wild mouse and had to get rabies shots.

I really thought the guy shit himself.

a couple new years eves ago, my black friend waited for a couple of my boys to pass out. after they passed out, he spray painted them COMPLETELY black. skin, hair, everything. the best part was when one of them woke up and started laughin at the others before realizing about himself. it took them about four days to get it all off.

This video has been number one on digg for a while. Definitely one of the best pranks I have ever seen.


This is not a roommate prank, but one I read somewhere in a book or magazine about a rock band (I think it was Van Halen) when they were on the road. They would get a bunch of high-strength glue that was used in paving roads or something (?) and take all the furniture in the hotel room and glue it to the ceiling in the exact same position it had been in on the floor. And every last item, down to a magazine on the end table, the remote control on the bed, little items that were lying around . . . all in the exact same positions they were in – only on the ceiling. Then whoever’s room it was would get back to their room, open the door and wonder if they were in some twilight zone episode or if they were just too high. :slight_smile:

I had a roommate before in college that wasn’t getting up to make it to classes or work. He hadn’t paid his part of the rent and we were going to lose the place if he didn’t get his ass in gear.

Anyway, we had found a box of kittens in the complex a couple of days before, and we had them all at the apartment. One morning he wouldn’t get up to go to work. I gathered kittens and started gently tossing them at his sleeping form. The third one hit, 20 needles out, right on his ass.

He got up. Never had another problem.

Oh yeah, we adopted out all of the cats except one.


[quote]farenuff wrote:
Take the shower head off before your roomies next shower. place inside the shower head a small bit of either chicken or beef bullion. the hot water will cook it and leave your roommate smelling like ramen. Can take awhile to clean the smell out of the showerhead though so be warned.[/quote]

even better is clear rock candy. the stuff has no smell at all. the hot water will melt the candy, and when he/she gets out they will be sticky. and the best part is it last for days, and they get so pissed because all the bugs outside are attracted to just them.

as for my other pranks, these are the ones i liked the most.

  1. back when i used to attend church, the youth went on a winter retreat to pigeon forge tennessee. My good friend at the time decided to go and tell the ministers and counslers everything that the boys were planning on pranking the girls, and that kinda got us in trouble so i got my friends and we held a quick meeting to decide what we were gonna do to him for basically ratting us all out. so after about 10 minutes, we decided to borrow (w/o him knowing) his soap dish, shampoo bottle, and toothbrush. we then
    went back to our room and got the penthouse that i snuck in to camp. we (me and 3 others) then took turns with the mag and jizzed all in his soap dish. now remember that this was 4 different dudes’ cum, so it was pretty damn nasty. we then ran his toothbrush thru the cum filled soapdish about 3 coats worth. then emptied his shampoo and filled it back up with the remaining jizz. then when it was done we put the stuff back in place. it was funny because he showered that night, and then came into our room when he was done, and asked us to come to the bathroom because it smelt funny, so we knew he washed his hair, then i asked if he brushed his teeth and he said “yeah, but my teeth still felt dirty so i brushed again.” we let him clean himself with our cum for the rest of weekend, then we told him when we got back. he was mad but couldnt do anything about it since he was weak and fat going against 4 athletes. LOL

  2. at my last job, i had a manager who at first was mad cool, he would do anything to help us out, and always have our backs if anything bad came up.(we were security guards). then this past summer he heard that he might be getting a promotion so he started acting tottally different, he wasnt having our back anymore and was basically being a totally different person which caused half of the staff to quit including myself. so i noticed this and thruout the summer i would take his dip can out of office and run off to the bathroom with a pair of sheers and cut the hairs out from my taint, and my ass. and put them in his dip can. now we worked outside at a waterpark all day in georgia humidity so the hairs were sweaty and nasty. on my last day he was a coward and knew that i was going to have some words for him (im very outspokin in person) so he didnt show up, so i left a note telling everything i did in the main office for everyone to see. LOL

i’ve got more that i’ll put up later but there not as gross as these.

We had some good ones when I was in the dorms. We had this one fat guy on our floor who was proud of his ability to eat large quantities of junk food really fast, so we took a whole package of oreos and put little pieces of habanero peppers between each cookie. We challenged him to eat the whole pack within 3 minutes. He got through 1/4 of the pack when his face turned red and he started sweating. “My mouth is on fire for some reason. Must be because I’m eating so fast.” He kept going, and about 2/3 of the way through the pack he gave up. 15 minutes later he puked.

Another good one was when my friend put a dead fish in his refrigerator (turned off) and let it sit and rot for about a week. He put the fish in this other guy’s pillowcase one night, and then it turned out that the guy was having his girlfriend over that night. They came home and wondered about the smell, then ignored it and had sex in that bed, then went to sleep. He woke up in the middle of the night with his hand in the pillowcase, on the gooey, stinking, rotten fish.

A friend of mine has a twin brother. When they were kids they shared a bunk bed. My friend told me how one time while his brother was getting ready for bed, he climbed up into his brothers top bunk, wedged himself down between the wall and the matress and covered himself with the loose blankets.

He lay in wait, patiently, while his brother climed up into bed, got comfy and started to fall asleep. Then, RRRAAAARRR, out springs Tom like a monster from the dark.

I think he said his poor brother had to sleep with Mommy and Daddy that night.