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Funniest Post Thread


What are some of the funniests posts or threads you have come across during the years here at T-Nation. This is currrently my favorite:



This thread.


"Would 45 pounds of assholes be the same as 45 pounds of iron?"




Holy shite! WTF was that guy thinking taking those pictures!


I just threw up a little bit.




Great thread.


45 mins of hell workout:
1 minute: Bosu Ball Crunches
1 minute: Bosu Ball Squats
1 minute Hawt abs flex in mirror
1 minute Curls
25 second break

30 seconds 10 rep 1/10th squats (as much weight as possible, this will help you with your next exercise).
1 minute of loading (get to at least 700 pounds) and unloading the bar with weights
1 minute of screaming
1 minute of talking to all the hawt broads (you can lift up your shirt to wipe the sweat off your forehead if you want)
1 minute shadow boxing
1 minute of telling everyone how hyoooge you are and how you don't take steroids
30 seconds 10 rep of backflipkneetuckjumpingjacklungeintohiddendragon on a bosu ball
1 minute break

1 minute being gay
30 seconds MMF
45 seconds buttsexcks
1 minutes of telling yourself it's only gay if balls are touching
2 minute of spotting squats too closely and getting turned on
30 second rub one out in the dressing room because those squatz totally turned you on
30 second rest

1 minute of talking about how creatine is roidz
1 minute of breaking walls because your friend accidentally slipped you some creatine
1 minute crying
30 seconds of throwing books
30 seconds of pushing people close to you and telling them YOU'RE OK
30 seconds of getting massive gains from your cycle
1 minute Telling everyone how sorry you are for your rage and you promise not to take creatine or protein again

1 minute be gay in place
1 minute walking around the dressing room naked
2 minute plank (on top of a guy).
1 minute worth of gayness
30 sec of wondering how awesome you will be when you post your rad workout on T Nation
90 second rest

1 minute flex
1 minute flex in front of trainer
1 minute flex at inanimate objects
1 minute of telling yourself YOU'RE IN CONTROL
1 minute flex and take HAAWWWTT pics for myspace (make sure to puff your lip out and apply makeup and lip gloss)
1 minute break

rubbing up on men in the shower 1 minute
150 seconds of staring at men as you pee in the urinal beside them even though there is 20 urinals and only two guys taking a piss
150 seconds of thinking how small Prof X is compared to you
5 minutes punching your bag
5 minutes of stretching (in the squat rack preferably) while playing Eric Prydz Call On Me on your phone
workout complete


eliteballa FTMFW!


There are a few from the rate my physique forum that are fucking fantastic.

The one with Drivethruhero, or whatever he calls himself, is top notch.


Where's that thread where the guy is going on and on about how he thinks his wife is cheating on him, then asks about the crack in his squat rack?


hmac, you forgot that all pics for the interwebz are to be taken with a shoe.

  • Al Shades. The deluded young man who may talents included immortality.......and paying his mother's electric bill on time.

  • Sasquatch99's 'The Legal cock block' thread. Which involved him being 'easily the most jacked guy there' at some house party, ripping a stop sign out of the asphalt and then scaring a potential hook-up off with his pronounced vascularity facilitated from aforementioned stop-sign removal.

  • 'I took a shit in her skillet'. A T-Nation member discovers his girlfriends cuckoldry and then proceeds to defecate in her kitchenware. Who exactly was worse off as a result off that is anyone's guess.

  • Eliteballa. Nuff said. Already linked above.

  • XcelticX. A young skinny-fat 165lbs takes on the entire T-Nation board, and fails. Former T-Nation memeber Rainjack's cistine chapel of internet warfare.

  • Fat t-man. 'These aren't love handles......just relaxed lower back muscles'. I think Massif (anyone remeber that guy?) provided the most apt quote of the thread something along the lines 'Fuck me standing, I suffer from delusiions of grandeur on occasion, but it looks like you've taken the cake, deep-fried the fuckin thing and scoffed it!'.

Anyone who was around here in 04,05, and early 06 will remeber some consitantly funny shit from Dollarbill,Apayne and RIT Jared in the SAMA forum. Good times.

Oh and Dan McVicker. That guy was a riot.


I might be a little biased, but nothing compares to eliteballa's body fat thread.

By the way, anyone know why they removed The Beast Awakens thread?


yes that was epic, had me going to!


Proteinpowda had some funny stuff too. Especially the one that had pics of him and his dog Foopa.


Cant find it now, but there was a "100 people versus a bear" thread that had me in stitches a while back


i just read most of this, joined right after it in 2006. I have'nt seen a kid get owned like that other than a prison rape scene....fucking funny as hell though




Wasn't there one about a Mom having to wack her son off or something to that nature I thought was funny.

And another about a guy trying to find out if his kid is gay?