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Funniest/Most Ridiculous Supplement Names...



This supplement actually exists. It's a combination of horny goat weed, tribulus and maca and is supposed to give Nick Manning-like virility with Peter North, umm, volume.

I can't imagine any self-respecting male having this in his medicine cabinet.

"Honey, I'm going out for awhile...anything you need?"

"Let me think....spinach, eggs, get some beef if it's on sale....oh, and some EJACULOID!!"

Anyone seen some other funny/ridiculous supplement names out there?


NO products



Actually, anything starting with "super duper" and then ending with a 4 digit number.


LOL is that a for real substance?
Doesn't matter, that really made me laugh, I think I want to try it.


sooo....does it work?


Sounds like something the girlfriend needs to look for in the condom and KY Touch oil aisle.



Psh. I already TAKE noSPLODES KTHX.


Who the hell thought that would be a good name?


Wait you've never heard of horny goat weed??


You'd be surprised at how well Ejaculoid sells. Guys are so embarrassed about it though, if me and a female coworker are on register and I'm with someone, they'll wait for me to finish instead of going to her (who's got no one on line).

Other favorites: CARNIVOR (the blue-raspberry flavored beef protein, rofl) and WHITE FLOOD (seriously? its not even an ejaculoid competitor, just a pre workout)

Also, muscle maker sandwiches are fucking delicious.


I'm surprised no one has mentioned the intelligently named test booster Pink Magic.


Because its got FKING HERBS BRAH dont hate.

I mean, after all, the guy on the side of the box wants to know "what the %#@$ is in those pink pills!"

It has to be good!