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Funniest Meal


What's the funniest meal you've ever had? The one that would be most likely to make other people think you have an "eating disorder" (why does everyone always say that about people who just want to eat healthily...)?

I'll start: went through a period of HATING eggs, but still wanted to eat them because they're the deadlifts of the kitchen. What did I do? Easy! Put four in a blender with water then downed it. Problem solved. My girlfriend still can't believe the days of the "egg smoothy".

I think this thread has got a lot of potential, as athletes in general but bodybuilders/weightlifters perhaps most of all do some funny things when they start seeing food as FUEL rather than what "normal" people use it for: mental masturbation, comfort, whatever.


I know it's relatively common but I still find it funny when I'm sipping on tablespoons of EVOO. The funniest face i would have made was when trying that with a tablespoon of fish oil. Nasty nasty nasty.


I think the nastiest thing I've ever eaten was egg whites topped with half a cup of wheat bran and some ketchup..GROSS!!


In a similar vein, I have eaten scoops of coconut oil out of the jar.


my first shot of olive oil i almost puked back up; now they are fantastic.

creatine drop into the mouth and washed down with very little water. (long drive; didn't wanna stop and pee)

but for a MEAL i gotta say that while in college i had an interesting mix.

got home from lifting friday night; party was just starting....i ate chicken on a fork (the chicken-sicle), a peeled/raw carrot; and Natty Ice.

i still do the same; just sans beer. but the looks i got from strangers who didn't know me was priceless.


When I was bulking up last winter and short of cash I would go to the supermarket and buy cartons of eggs (like 14) for the week. The look on people's faces still makes me laugh.

Also eating them boiled with salt over the course of the day would freak people all over.


I mix eggs, chili powder, tuna and peanut butter in a bowl and eat it... it's pretty good, but people think i'm crazy when I eat it.


Back when I was originally bulking up, this one got me some STRANGE looks;

A dozen eggs, scrambled, w/sliced turkey and cheese mixed in.
2 cups of oatmeal.
Gallon jug of chocolate milk.
Half a porter house steak.

Everyone at my camp was just kinda staring at me. I think they were waiting for me to throw up.


lol I can definitely add to this.

Back in highschool I used to eat 5 lbs of potatoes every evening.

Drinking olive oil straight from the bottle, 2 litres a week.

Eating blocks of cheese.

Eating steak and raison bran for dinner, or steak and icecream.


I was in Japan. My diet was low on protein. I ended up getting drunk and eating fish head. No experience compares to swallowing you first head.


wow bud, just wow.

I can't compete with any of these...


Clown soup!


It's not that funny, but I get some pretty weird faces during my 8-5 class, sitting in the back with my cooler full of turkey, cottage cheese and milk.


I started talking to a girl in my chem 2 class today and she says "hey, I think I saw you in class today. Were you eating celery?" Yup. Pretty sure I was the only guy in the room eating celery, the most unlean piece of beef imaginable, and 4 oz. of chicken.

As for my worst meal, it would have to be taking straight flax oil. straight coconut oil might have been worse, but it's been a good year and a half since I did that, so I don't remember it as vividly as the flax.


Cottage cheese and tuna fish has gotten me some strange looks. As has Tuna fish and Salsa(which surprises me, because tuna fish and salsa is awesome).

But also, some people think it is funny that I take protein powder at all. They think that is weird in and of itself.


While this may sound perfectly normal for most people on this site, the people I work with give me the craziest looks/ comments..

every morning at work I used to eat 6 boiled eggs. I shell them, break them in half, toss half of the yolk, fill the empty half with hot sauce & ketchup, and shove the whole thing in my mouth.

Mind you this is an office full of people who survive on fast food on a daily basis... Chinese, BK, Pizza

what's hilarious is when management orders pizza for everyone and I'm still sitting there eating my turkey sandwich and steamed broccoli - they think I'm crazy for passing up the free carbs/fat fest


I dunno about anywhere else(never had this in SA), but here in the UK I've found tubs of cottage cheese premixed with tuna & sweetcorn - it's like discovering sliced bread all over again.


If your bulking, you are.

A little extra calories every now and then arent gonna turn you into a blob.

Its a damn good thing no ones buying me free pizza I would weigh 500lbs.


Oh man, it's such a conversation starter...fuck I love being back in university.


Allright, check it out-cottage cheese, organic oatmeal, a little bit of yogurt and Natty PB-topped off with some Metabolic Drive powder. Not bad.