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Funnel Chest!


first of all just like to apologise as this may not be in the correct thread..
i am funnel chested and am aware apart from surgery this cannot be fixed but my question is
if i get my 2 chest muscles bigger does it become less noticable? the reason ive posted this
in the bodybuilding section is due to how big bodybuilders are and hoping at least 1 of yous has this defect any info would be greatly appreciated thanks.


Yes, that is, if you are referring to having 'pectus excavatum'. I have it, and was pretty self-conscience of it all my life. Hiding this 'deformity' was one of my main motivations for wanting to get bigger. Once you put on a good deal of muscle, it actually helps in a way. The 'dip' in my chest actually aided in giving me more pectoral defintion I believe, and NOBODY ever comments on it anymore, when it use to be the first thing ppl noticed when I was shirtless. One they I would suggest, though, is heavy dumbbell breathing
pullovers. I did these EVERY WORKOUT for my 1st year of lifitng, and though many feel it's psuedo-science, I feel like these expanded my chest a bit, and I saw a signicant difference in the depth of the chest indention.


thanks spidey22 im nt aiming to get super big because im a kickboxer bt i looked at a pic of me from when i was 16 and realised tht the dip looked alot worse at a younger age than what it did now but i wasnt sure if i was just imagining that so thanks for comfirming.


I knew a kid with a serious case of funnel chest. He'd laugh it off and sometimes even eat cereal out of it.