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Funky Tingling in Arm

I’m having tingling in my left arm. It is of two types

  • down the short biceps

  • around the anterior deltoid and out the tip of my thumb.

Did I tweak a nerve or a muscle? This has been happening for a few days. Possible causes are a return to swimming after a break of several months (never had this before, as I recall) or perhaps the fact that I just increase my poundages on my 1-arm overhead lifts by 5% (to 65 lbs., laid off of those for a long time in favor of handstand pushups and now want to work my unilateral poundages back up to something respectable).

Any thoughts/observations are appreciated.

– jj

My best guess is that you tweaked a nerve in your shoulder or neck with the different/increased work load.

I’m experiencing an electric buzz through my triceps while doing dips but that is localized to the triceps. Because yours is going to the tip of your thumb, suggests an issue closer to the spinal column. Get a Doc to look at it if it persists.

Here’s hopin’ it’s nothing…

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