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Funky smell in dorm room

Ok, this is really gross. Apparently, I accidentally dropped a quart of cottage cheese on the floor… approximately three weeks ago. I didn’t notice until my room started to smell like ass, and I sniffed out the source. Any suggestions on how to get the smell out quickly (yes, I threw away the container)? Any particular brands of air freshener that actually do the job?

As a college student living in a fraternity house I know all too well about smells and stains. Forget air freshners, you need to get rid of the smell, not cover it up. Go get some Oxiclean and Febreeze. Mix up some Oxiclean in hot water and use it where you spilled the cottage cheese. This will oxidize the stuff causing the smell. I say use this because bleach will do the same thing, but mess up your carpet at the same time. Oxiclean wont. After it’s dry febreeze the hell out of it.

I spilled milk in my truck, and on hot summer days, oh god, what a rank smell. It took a few years for it to go away. Goodluck.

My brother spillt (Dairymart) Chocolate milk in his pickup once. Terrible shame, too, 'cause that’s superior chocolate milk. (And should therefore be avoided like the plague) Anyhow, we had one of those small carpet wet-vacs, and about 4 times over with that thing seemed to do the trick.