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Funky Sh__ at the Mr O

There is some funky shit going down at the Mr O when Cormier and Priest place ahead of Nasser and Ruhl.

There is some funky shit going down on the forum when we get Mr. Olympia judging bitching posts.

Especially when the posts are half a year late.

Welcome to Mr. Squatter’s time warp…

Fuck You!

haha. he wouldnt type out shit but he typed fuck. hahaha.

Oh, that’s priceless!

I agree. I think BBs should be rewarded for obvious Synthol use. There I was the the Mr Olympia, about 12 rows back from the stage, and i could clearly see the injection marks on Nasser’s rear delts, and all i could think was - 1st place. Too bad Greg Valentino’s arms exploded from all that Synthol or he’d be Mr O until he decided to retire.

Actually, juvenile outbursts like Squatty’s can be quite therapeutic.

Here, let me give it a try…

Fuck you.

Nah, that’s not it. Okay…


Damn, that’s better!

Come on, guys, give it a shot!