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Fungal Infection

So I have taken 2 months worth of Nizoral tabs, an antifungal, along with a nizoral/barriere HC cream for a fungus that’s located on the crevices of the inside of my elbow joints, and under my arms. Of course the shit never worked, except by controlling it from getting worse.

Anyway I was wondering if people here think it could be caused from eating a lot of whole wheat bagels, which supposedly have a lot of yeast in them. I eat about 4 of them a day since I’m poor, and have to steal 23 of my 42 meals from meal hall every week. (they’re easy to steal for grain products).

yeast is not a fungus! So NO it’s not from eating whole wheat bread!

Bagels it was, not bread, but if you’re right then my mom is wrong. Stupid mother, I gotta stop listening to her.

I did a search about yeast, and all the scientific info I found said that it is a “single celled budding fungus” most other fungi are multicellular, but yeast isn’t. This doesn’t mean his infection is from bread though

sounds to me like a crappy diet is the issue here. dunno what to tell you if you can’t eat better. eating meats, leaves, and berries is a great way to go (no grains), but if you can’t, then i dunno. sorry man.

ND: Ever heard of Candida Albicans, a yeast that can branch like fungi in the appropriate conditions?

Try some tea tree (sometimes called ti tree) oil on it. Tea tree is renowned as a natural anti-microbial. It seemed to work for me on a minor fungus. Heck, it can’t hurt, right?

Dan…I stand semi-corrected. I’ve never heard of that yeast.

Correct if I’m wrong (and I know somebody will;), but I think I was told once not to use a cortisone cream (that’s the HC you were referring to?) on a fungal infection, as the fungi just ‘eat’ it and grow. Try something natural, like tea tree oil, if the presription stuff doesn’t work.

Last time I checked, yeast cannot survive cooking temperatures. Besides, I homebrew so all of the beer I drink still has active yeast in it and I don’t have any fungal growths in or on my body, but it is a good source of vitamin B which is cool because alcohol depletes your vitamin B levels. So I am basically replacing the vitamin B while simultaneously depleting it, err something like that, but I definitely do not get as hung over on homebrew as I do on store bought beer. Also, if I remember correctly yeast cannot survive the digestive process either. Could be wrong though.

You need to get a topical cream. Go to pharmacy and look in the “athlete’s foot” section. Canesten (clotrimazole) and Monistat (Miconazole Nitrate) are the two most widely used topical medications. Your infection has nothing to do with eating bagels.

The drug you are taking is controling the infection but not eradicating the organism because it is only effective systemically. But the yeast infection is in the epdermal area of your skin where there are no blood vessels to transport the medication to. The result is that the yeast can continue to live in this region unapposed.

Continue with the oral medication but also use the topical treatment. Fungus can not adapt to become resistant to these drugs so if you continue to hit them, chances are you will eradicate the infection

You also should know that antibiotic treatment is a risk factor for the development of a fungal infection.

Lots of advice here, I’ll defintly try some of these suggestions out. I’ll probably go to the doc again, as I think he may have misdiagnosed me the first time (from looking at pics of what he diagnosed me with) - he looked at it for a whole 10 sec and prescribed the tabs and cream.

IMO stay on the medications and go on a very low carb diet, cut out all bread starches and sweets. Get your carbs only from veggies but no corn or potatoes (starch).

Once again I will state: your infection has nothing to do with your diet. Restricting the amount of starch or yeast you eat will only leave you more hungry, not cured. You don’t get yeast/ fungal infections from eating bread that has yeast in it. Whoever thinks this is just misinformed. And I should add you don’t catch a cold by being out in the cold either.
Continue with the treatment, and keep the area dry.

yeah sure prisoner…next thing you know your going to tell us that water melons dont actually grow in our stomachs if we swallow the seeds.

Try Tea Tree oil. You can find it in a health food store or on the internet.
Make sure its pure tea tree oil. Its very strong so use only a drop or 2 at a time. Apply with a damp cotten pad, in the morning and before bed. This stuff is amazing!!

fungi feeds off of sugar, the more carbs you eat the more fuel you give to the fungi to grow. hence the reccomendation to cut carbs. Starve the fungas while treating it with medication…now you know the rest of the story.

“Restricting the amount of starch or yeast you eat will only leave you more hungry, not cured.”

Elimintating grainy products to eliminate sugar and starches is kind of out of the question for me anyway. I would find it rather difficult to consme my 4300 maintenance calories per day if I did that. Eating pounds of fruits and vegetables just won’t cut her.

at 190 lbs your maintenance is 4300 calories? what are you doing that requires so many calories? i was thinking maybe you’re a construction worker, but it says you’re a student. just wondering, man.

Besides, it’s easier to eat that many calories on a low carb diet. fat is over twice as energy-dense as carbs.