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When searching bench, squat, d/l on this forum well you get loads of hits and frankly the resource behind the typewritter is a more direct approach to gleaning the information i require.

Also, i am bone bloody idle.

I posted a few weeks back on “what are your goals” that i wanted a 260 bench (got 280.5), and a 350 squat (got 396 paralell). Now i am happy with these as this is my first month back properly after an extended fat fest, and my best numbers for some time. (no DL at mo, 1rm of those not in current routine.)

Now, i cant find a PL club near me, and Westside principles are all well and good it i was up double those figures.

What i wish to know, apart from the old concistency/load and nornal bits and bobs, what are good fundamentals that arent going to make me power lift crazy. i would like to see some good returns within current programme (CPT (Staley)).

Now, on a month of 4’s and tripples for 4/5/6 sets, the next month i was considering workng on acceleration of bar, including from bottom of lift (dead), paused and slow eccentric

Feeback on this please, but also the one thing that you would pass on information wise before the 888lb bar crushed your windpipe.

I hope you find this a relevant qusetion

What are you talking about? Seriously man I would love to answer your questions and help, but I have no clue what your asking. Post again and please be more clear.

I have found that a number of things (like foot position, good arch, shoulderblades pulled in etc) have made a masive difference to my bench, and my confidence in the lift. These take some pracice but are obviuosly good foundations to build layers of strength to.

What would qualify in B/DL/SQ (excluding these) as core fundamental techniques that with a little practice layer similar foundations, i.e. where i cn move my strength from being a little average (quite good for my gym…its a BB gym unfortunately!?) to seeing those numbers move up.

I hope that clears it up.