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Fundamentals of a Steroid Cycle


Okay, so I am not going to tell you to how to run a cycle or what compounds to run in a cycle (well may be some after a cycle, since itâ??s one of the fundamentals as well) . So if you are looking for that this is not the post for you. What I will be explaining here is basics and Fundamentals you need to know before you can run or design a steroid cycle.

This can be helpful for users who have no idea of what Steroids are and how they work and how much fuck load of research needs to be done before getting into this field!
I will try to cover all the whyâ??s and whatâ??s here, but this is a general idea and simple Fundamentals put in simple byteâ??s to understand steroid cycling. Other than this post, I would highly recommend to do your own research in designing a specific cycle according to whatever goals you have. This post is just a starter or an introduction! WTF man itâ??s simple FUNDAMENTALS!

How Steroids work:

Steroids in short increase the protein synthesis processing of your body (significantly increases). Meaning steroids work by filling the cell receptors that tell the cell to make new proteins and it is normal for the body to create proteins, steroids just the cell create the proteins at a much faster rate!
Steroid Types (Not compounds!!! As I said I will not discuss about the compounds or chemicals here!)

Oral Steroids:
Oral steroids are oral as the word says it self. They are processed through normal digestive system and before they enter the digestive system they have to pass through â??LIVERâ?? and after that they are released in the blood stream. Oral steroids are toxic to livers (almost all of them; some are low and some are more).

NOTE: New users are not generally recommended to use orals in their first cycle by â??ADVANCE & SENSIBLEâ?? users!!!

Injectible Steroids:
This form of steroid is injected in the body and does not have to pass by liver, which means??? Yes, they are directly absorbed in the blood stream without effecting the liver.

NOTE: As I said I am not going to go into the compound details such as esters in steroids and things like thatâ?¦ There are posts about that as well in this forum; so you should go through that for more details on compounds and how they work!

Knowing â??HARMONESâ?? in regard to Steroids:

In short, we want this hormone to go high so that we can be BIG!!
As a description it is a hormone from the androgen and is secreted in the testes of males. It is basically the principal male sex hormone. Following are couple of effects which can be made to this hormone.
â?¢ Anabolic effects: This part includes growth of Muscle mass, strength and increased in bone density as well.
â?¢ Androgen effects: This includes maturation of sex organs, deepening of voice, growth of beard hairsâ?¦ this falls into secondary male characteristics.

Side effects regarding to the above effects include, heart stroke, liver issues, acne and many many many fucking moreâ?¦ I would rather not waste my time by putting side effects which you would not even fucking careâ?¦ since you made it on this site, you will most probably end up buying gear or running a cycle so there is no point of telling side effects if you donâ??t give a fuck! But regardless of what you think I did listed the main ones and the important ones.

NOTE: Estrogen related side effects will be discussed below.

Similar to Testosterone Estrogen is the major sex hormone of female. There is nothing much to tell how good this hormone whereas it is more important to know how to keep this hormone in an elevated level so that we can avoid estrogen side effects.
Since it is a major female hormone what do you think a major side effect can be??? Hmmm.. yes you are right, you will have a Vigina if you donâ??t keep it under control! Now come on, that is fucking impossible but yes major side effects includes:
â?¢ Nice pair of man boobs. (if not controlled they remain permanent and can only be removed by surgery)
â?¢ Extremely low or dead sex driveâ?¦ (I mean what is the advantage of those muscle when you canâ??t pound a pussy, right?)

How Hormones work under effect of steroids:

NOTE: I will not explain whole chemistry of how steroids effect the hormones but a simply layout in small bytes for a general understanding.

Letâ??s suppose you inject 500mg of test; once injected your body will sense that â??hey there is way more test coming in than I produceâ?? obviously normal test production is way below than what we inject. So once the body sense that test is coming from outside source it stops producing its own test. So basically what you just did is that you took away your own bodies ability to produce test and now you have that ability in your hands which means injecting test with your hands.
But the difference is that your body is getting a lot more test then it was producing, which means faster protein synthesis means more protein made by cells means bigger muscles, off the hook sex driveâ?¦ you will be erecting with in a min after looking a round ass or boobs!! HAH awesome feeling isnâ??t it?

But hey, where did estrogen go? Now following is the best and most easy explanation of estrogen reaction to a human body after injecting testâ?¦
Letâ??s say your body have a capacity of 15 to handle the test. But you insert 25 in your body where would rest of the 10 go when your body can only handle 15? Good question, well to balance it your body will convert the extra test which is 10 into estrogen and this converting process is called â??aromatizationâ?? which can result in different side effects depending upon how your body reacts to it. That estrogen can be converted into boobs, acne, bloating any many more effects or nothing!! Since remember your body also have level of estrogen capacity and some have more and some have less. Also, estrogen in more-likely to store in fat which mean if you have a very very high BF% you need to go low and then get on the roids to get the minimal side effects.

Side effects:

NOTE: I will be discussing side-effects which either have cure or can be prevented and are important to most people when they are using or about to use AAS. I am not a Doctor therefore I cannot cover a side effect of a heart stroke or something like thatâ?¦ more elapsed results when it comes to organs and hormones can be achieved by blood tests only. These are the side effects which are physically visible.

In this scenario if you get itchy feeling on your nipples of see a little hump of puffy nipples, DAMN!!! This means you are prone to gyno (man-boobs).
Or else if you bloat too much and you donâ??t like that feeling, some actions can be done to prevent this behavior of your body as well.

How to tackle the above side effects?

Above side effects are due to un-controlled or un-elevated estrogen levels and that is where most of the side effects are from any way. In short estrogen levels can be controlled by AIâ??s and SERMS!
What are they and how do they work? Following is the description.

AIâ??s such as Anastrozole (Arimidex), Armasin and Letrozole are some of the popular ones which can help elevate the estrogen levels. Basically it prevents the aromatization of steroids (which can aromatize) into estrogen. Usually people use AIâ??s either if they are prone to too much bloating or they know in advance if there are prone to Gyno, which means if some one discovers that they are prone to gyno it is recommended to take â??SERMâ?? instead of â??AIâ?? (I will specify the difference a bit further).
Also AI does not therefore fully prevents the estrogen conversation which means if your body makes too much of estrogen do not expect that AI would completely help it.
Also AI can affect your gains as wellâ?¦ but itâ??s really depends that why you need an AI for; if you really do then you should use it.

What SERM does is that it prevents the binding of estrogen with the receptor and the way is that it sticks itself to the receptor whereas all the estrogen left in the body is ineffective and is freely floating in the body until the SERM is being used in the body. Everyday examples of SERMS are â??NOLVAâ?? and â??CLOMIDâ?? the most popular ones.

Why and When is SERM used?

Well as I explained above the main usage of AI, the SERM mainly is used in the following times:

During the cycle:
If you discover gyno symptoms during the cycle you should user SERM until the itchy feeling (symptoms) are gone.

After the cycle, known as PCT:
After your cycle is finished your test levels are going down significantly and estrogen is the hormone which is more dominant to take over your body. What should be your objectives?? Well;

To start your own natural test production.
To block the estrogen from attaching to receptors to avoid sides.

So once you start using SERM it will block the estrogen which means on the other side it will help produce your bodyâ??s natural test and increase the serum levels of LH and FSH as well (what is that? Well do a fucking research!).
Usually a SERM is used till 4 weeks after the cycle so that your extra estrogen can be disposed by body during that time. People having more estrogen level tend to use SERM up till 6 weeks as well to prevent any sort of risk related to estrogen rebound.

Well as I said I will not be discussing compounds or chemicals here but HCG has an important role in post recovery as well. But many people differ in their opinions, therefore you need to research, use and find a best fit for yourself.

In the end I would like to say that this was a basic outline of how a Steroid Cycle works and what hormones are included while you are or while you plan to use steroids. And what can bring you back to your natural state. (depending upon your body).
All the side effects above are not definite which means that every human body is different from each other so you need to keep a close eye on what and how is your body reacting to different compounds.
And I would say this again that DO YOUR RESEARCH or at least do it enough that you understand of what you want to do. This is just an outline to make you understand the cycle and process in simple words. Thank you all for reading and I hope you find this post interesting and informative!


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I have never heard of steroids being injected into the veins. That sounds like a bad idea since steroids are (to my limited knowledge) suspended in oil.

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Based on the PMs youve sent me, you are the last person who should be writing anything authoritative on this subject.

There is no need to dumb down this board. It's just fine as it is.

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Hate filled attacks? lol... You think you should be the only person in this world to use AAS... you very well know what was your attitude towards what i was seeking... but as i said people like you motivate me to reach my goals with higher expectations!
But regardless of how your attitude was i did learned an important thing.. so i thank you for your indirect advice!!


Clearly, the important thing that you learned wasn't how to use proper grammar or punctuation. I hope English isn't your first language.


I dont think the person who wrote the OP speaks english as a first language either. That, or it was edited by a baboon with a drinking problem.


I'm not an expert on performance enhancing substances and while Bonez probably isn't an expert either, judging by some of his posts, he certainly knows a lot more than me and, more importantly, you.

Were I to look for advice on something testosterone related I would most definitely go to Bonez before going to you, because, at the very least, I'm quite sure he wouldn't recommend that I shoot steroids into my veins.

Regardless of this, I think the problem is that your initial post was meant to be taken authoritatively, but you clearly have what can only be construed as dangerous knowledge of the subject. Not enough to actually educate someone on gear, but enough to fool an uneducated person which could lead that person down a dangerous path.



Well now, aren't you a ray of sunshine.

You copied and pasted (apparently) an article with false information (potentially harmful?) in it. You apparently didn't have the knowledge of the topic to discern that the information was false. You corrected it after others had commented on it.

My question is, why did you create this thread?

If the purpose was to pass on information, my advice to you is to first learn what you are posting about. Then pass on information.

My point in posting about Bonez is that while he's not the "only person in this world to use AAS", he certainly knows more than you. So you should take his advice and not write anything authoritatively on the subject since you don't have a good grasp on it.

I haven't taken steroids and I don't have a good grasp on the material. I've read a book or two and some articles, yet I'm not posting articles on how to inject steroids into your veins or anything like that. Perhaps I should use you as a model and start a thread on topical applications of HGH and how to get the most out of hCG by rubbing it into my scalp?

You would do well with a dose of humility.


The guy seems to be a bit mentally unstable.

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