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Functionally Correct Calves at Home

Hello, everyone! Reading Artem’s recent thread on calves got me thinking about how to develop mine. Most people usually complain of underdeveloped calves. However, I’m in the opposite situation: my arms are 14.25", with calves about 15.75". As I go into my bulk in a month or two, I’d like to capitalise on my naturally larger calves. To that end, I went back and re-read the excellent article, “Functionally Correct Calves.” (http://www.T-Nation.com/readArticle.do?id=459479)

However, I am going to be working out mostly at home or a basic gym for a long time. With some imagination, I can do a few of these exercises, but I’d be interested in hearing how I can target the calves fully while being unable to perform:

B1) Low cable plantar flexion and eversion
A2) Cross-under stepdowns
A1) Low cable, plantar flexion and inversion
A2) 45-degree leg press heel raises, mid-stance, feet pointed

The exercises I can do are donkey heel raises w/ weighted belt, and seated heel raises w/barbell. Er… That’s about it. I’d probably be able to get a step to do the 2 step exercises in the article.

Any input and guidance would be appreciated.