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Functionality of Leg Extensions/Curls

a ton of people say leg extensions and curls are shit exercises because they don’t train you for functionality, among other reasons. However, when you tread water aren’t you just doing LOADS AND LOADS of leg extensions and curls?!?!? It seems like these exercises would have some functional cross over for swimming, deep sea diving, and water polo. what do you guys think?

AND yes I do know that there are better exercises for legs, but the point of my post deals with the functional cross over for leg extensions/curls, not which exercises are the absolute best for developing legs

You’re in a bodybuilding forum asking about functionality and cross-over of a few exercises? Bodybuilding is about hypertrophy, not about functionality. You’re in the wrong forum.

Threads like this get revisted every few months with the same conclusion. Let it pass.

OP, use Search.

yer pretty skinny, bro.

Hmnn yeah, that must be why so many Physical Therapists and Coaches make use of them with their athletes… silly movements.


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I remember someone on the Crossfit board deriding leg curls saying that they’d only be useful if we did something with out legs like that, and the example they said was if we shot watermelons at polar bears with our feet while lying on our stomachs. Really… a guy on Crossfit said that.

The Truth About Leg Extensions
The popular leg exercise goes under the microscope!
by Eric Cressey

wtf does functionality even mean… quadriceps extend the knee joint, thus, leg extensions are ‘functional’. hamstrings flex the knee… you get the poiint.