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Hi guys and gals,

I am a 20 year old college student, and I just recently started coming to this web site. I recently ended a lacrosse season, and was marginally looking for a way to bulk up and gain strength over the off-season. Like an oasis in the desert, I stumbled across this site while I was researching myostatin for an animal growth course, and ever since then I have been hooked.

Well I just started the massive eating diet, and to my best approximation, I am eating approximately 5-6 meals a day totalling in 3900 calories per day. It is too soon to start seeing any real results yet, but I was wondering about a training program that would be best suited for me. My goals are to gain strength and mass to knock some skulls next season. Oh by the way I work out 3 times a week now, having a arms and shoulder day, a chest back and abs day, and a legs day, along with moderate cardio work. Is this enough? I'd really appreciate any input from everyone, and possibly from some lacrosse players out there.

Good for you. Personally, I found great success with adding Ian King’s “limping” series to his chest/back routine. (Ex: Mon- chest/back, Tues-squat(quad dominant), Thr-chest/back, Fri-deadlift(hip dominant). And to hell with arms for the mean time. I put on over 30lbs this winter (obviously, not ALL muscle) and used Mag-10 for six weeks and later on did a Finasol cycle for 6 weeks. Started Sept and began cutting up in March.

Adding these two together put on mass and kept it functional for me. While I do a bodypart a week type routine sometimes. I mostly generate my routines from the one listed above. I feel the body part a week routine just ‘puffs’ me up while the King design keeps me like wrecking machine.

Hope this makes sense. This post is kind of all over the place, just got back from Outback and had a couple of ‘tallboys’ to complement the shrimp and steaks!!

As a 20 yr. old college athlete myself (baseball, not lacrosse) I have found a 3 day a week routine to work great…I also like the Chest/Back, Legs, Arms/Shoulders split you mentioned (I used that split in-season this year off and on). I assume you’ll be playing or at least practicing lacrosse in some way over the Summer, so 3 days of lifting a week might work nice to keep you somewhat fresh for lacrosse. Of course, depending on your goals, time available, and recovery ability, you may want to alter how often you lift. That being said, yes, your current program should work, but you might want to look into some of Coach Davies’ stuff…great for building functional strength and power that will carry over onto the playing field.

I would heavily encourage you to look at Renegade Training. Type that into the Search engine both in the Forum AND the main T-mag site. Read everything, and then head to IntensityMagazine and and read some more. I promise if you do your homework and read some testimonials on this you won’t look back, especially if you’re doing this for functional strength and mass and not just looks!

You’re an athlete, so forget working out like a bodybuilder. The best advice I can give you is train Renegade style with Coach Davies. Use the search engine here, or go to his website at

I believe your focus needs to be on your development as an athlete. To do this your training needs to recognize equal elements of range of motion (both dynamic and static), strength (such as speed-strength, strength-endurance…), agility, linear speed, proprioreception and naturally sport-specific skills. I have had the luxury with working with some superb NCAA lacrosse programs so would be pleased to discuss more. In faith, Coach Davies

As a High School lacrosse player for the past 4 years i can tell you the best thing i ever did was ditch the bodybuilding split(shoulders and arms/legs/chest and back) and go into a davies style workout. If you do like your split adn dont want to change i would highly recomend that you learn the form to all the olympic style lifts, powercleans, snatches, clean and press, push press, etc and put these to work… I found myself getting bigger bodybuilding in 9th and 10th grade, but once i started doing these movements, in the past 2 years i have seen my explosiveness go through the roof, train for functional strength on the field, for that is what will help you play better, stronger, faster…having big arms wont help…by the way where are you goin to be playing next year, i’m goin over to CW Post, looking for a d2 National Championship. Give me an email at [Not Allowed - Mod], i’d love to talk training to another lax player

Thanks a lot for everyone responding to my message, and I am very intrigued by this renegade training, and am just waiting for a resonse from coach davies. Any way I go to UC Davis, and I’m sorry that they don’t allow emails over this forum, but it’s nice to know that there are laxers out there, see ya.

After reading your last post, please let me know how I can help. In faith, Coach Davies

Check out for an e-mail address to write too.

I played four years of HS lax, four years of college, and am now in my sixth year of men’s league. I have never trained Renegade-style. But I have found that Olympic moves like snatches and clean-and-jerks, coupled with squats, split squats, and sprints help me run rings around some of the ex-football player types in my league. I alternate my training - either fitness/bodybuilding or speed/strength - in three month intervals based on my goals. I actually bulked up once for lax and it hurt my game. Basically, I agree with what everybody else is saying. Just keep sprinting. It will build balance, leg strength and size, and speed.

PS - Go JH and Virginia. I’m sick of Princeton and Syracuse every freakin’ year. Coach Davies, if you’re responsible for those team’s ludicrous dominance of the NCAA, please, please, please lend your talents to anyone else. :slight_smile: