'Functional Training'


I had an initial moment of despair…then I realized it’s not serious.

fuckinghell that’s funny!

itd be funnier if he didnt try so hard

I think it’s geared towards the ‘I need some functional strength to stir in my cooking pots’-population.

No pain, no gain!


“I don’t know why I have half a ball, I usually have a whole one” haha

LOL! Nice.

Just saw the site this came from- www.fitflixs.com

Seems there isn’t much difference between their “real” stuff and their “fake” stuff.

great routine. I’m thinking about doing a westside template but replacing the max effort stuff with this and the DE box squats with high rep tricep kick backs.
If I don’t make elite with that, there’s no justice in the world.
Now if I could just find the original battle muscles for clown pussies article to mix in as well…

Tears Of Laughter

At the beginning I LMAO’ed. Then I began to get pissed about how stupid people can be.