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Functional Training... lolwut?



Step 1: Watch Video.
Step 2: Say "da fuck?"
Step 3: ????
Step 4: Profit.


I have a bunch of friends who would fall for that crap...

Question: How is swinging ropes up and down functional ?


How is there not an infomercial running in heavy rotation for this?


@Delta, I have no way of qualifying the ropes as 'functional' but, I will say, doing that for long enough can actually be kind of tiring and if you get your hands on thick enough rope, you'll def feel it in you grip and forearms. That being said..I can think of a shitload better ways to accomplish the same goal.


looks like a jungle gym


It's actually not bad for upper strength if you do it long enough, most MMA fighters do it.


Crossfit inspired nonsensery.


x2 i was gonna say that


Most of the shit on there is pretty useful, especially if you're doing any kind of circuit training.

And those ropes- don't knock them till you've done them. 30 seconds of that shit is enough to make me want to puke. Very hard if you're not used to it, and killer for your forearms.


Battling ropes are awesome but either that guy is a BEAST or those are far too light for real work


As usual, marketing at it's best: taking something (so called "functional" training) and bastardizing it to make big, or not that big, bucks on it.

I've seen far worse gym apparatus, and this one can have some usefulness, although it's a big waste of money in most case, as ALL of those accesories/features can be had for cheaper and/or more convenient elsewhere.

Delta: swinging rope is actually an exercise from John Brockfield's hand grip book. Here's a sweet little vid about it, with a Mike Mahler hormonal optimization part to booth. Not saying it's the most useful, but it does give you tremendous soreness in the forearms the day after.


My point exactly.


In any case, looks like a lot of fun, something to do on a conditioning day!


Guess selds, tires, and sledgehammers weren't good enough for these elite folks...so elite that the chick in the black shirt is constantly doing half pushups throughout the whole vid, so damn elite and functional!


This is just another example of someone who tries to market shit that has been around forever and technically works, but by the time it's been butchered and made less intimidating and fancy and flashy, all effectiveness is totally lost.

the ropes are too light
step ups with the weight on the toes
olympic ring style suspension device that is on a spring, fucking up your firing patterns
smith machine does the same shit as the adjustable bar. stupid bitch does pushups with brutal supraspinatus grinding form
stupid fucking logo

It's literally a playground for stupid people at the gym.

When are we going to see ball pits?

I'm sick of this shit. I've seen "sandbag training" using a bag the size of a fucking shoe box. The "attitube" which is a god damn sloshpipe, but smaller, and easier. TRX is 150$. What the fuck. It's a pair of oly rings. Are people this stupid? Everything already exists, It's just not shiny and multicolored and made completely easy.

Pretty soon I'll be walking past a fitness room and see people doing 1/4 squats with a 10lb bodybar that has bike chains hanging from them. Dynamic effort squats.


The mental image of this will have me laughing for days.

Bike chains, Hahaha.




I'm uhhh, going to go kill myself now.
That was terrible.


I bet that thing is great at knocking the money out of pockets(of gym owners and gym goers), which is what it was designed for, and therefore a very good device for its intended purpose.

I just wish I still had access to a fabrication shop. I'd start building those fuckers tomorrow.


It seems the elite super functional people like multi-colored things. It cheers them up during their super core training, so they won't get hyped like those big and unfunctional powerlifters and bodybuilders ! it doesn't do anything else, but at least it makes them happy when they train! Helps dealing with "the pain".