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Functional Strength


body builders with big muscles are very strong!
i am a boxer.i train functionaly in and out of the gym.i know many athletes presonally.and many body builders.this is the truth. big body builders can lift big weights,although they train for look.are they fast too? i dont know.
strenght is always functional,weakness is not!









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some people on this site laugh at long distance runners.they laugh at big body builders.they laugh at fat powerlifters.they call them unfunctional.but each of these groups is highly functional in what they choose to do.
i dont understand that.
are powerlifters functional at pl meets.are their bodies functional to powerlift.yes!
are distance runners functional in long runs? absolutely.
so,we who buy our food are unfunctional,cause we didnt hunt it down!


Great thread(dont they screen these)

I once gained 38 lbs in 30 days in college and won $350. I did it eating 2 whole boxes of CHEESE-ITS, drinking Heineken and doing bong hits.
Its actually a pleasurable diet.


Thank you captain obvious.


Did babalu change his name to BALBOS???


President Calvin Coolidge said that it's good for people to laugh.


Doesn't sound bad. Did you lose the weight?


in answer to your question, most large bodybuilders (National caliber or pro's)ARE NOT functional athletic wise nor are they fast. In my 30 years in the industry have I ever considered bodybuilders "athletes". Strength is NOT always functional!


here are my top 10 tips for functional strength-1.work on a construction site
2.hit the punching bag hard
3.climbing a rope fast
4.embrace callistenics
5.play table tennis to sharpen your reflexes
6.strenghten your neck and grip
7.play keep up with soccerball
8.do some wrestling
9.throwing big rocks of your shoulder
10.avoid body building and do olympic lifts and powerlifts instead
stay strong&tough!
captain obvious


did anyone measure bodybuilders in 40 yards ? did anyone measure their vertical jump? med ball toss for distance?
no.we dont know.
its like 40 years ago,when those old school coaches said lifting weights would make you slow,uncoordinated,stiff.same shit.
body builders are strong.period.like joe defranco(great coach) said-strenght gains in the gym will become sport specific strenght by actually playing sport.so,you get raw strenght in the gym and turn it into functional strength with your chosen sport.


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I'm pretty sure each message you posted contradicted each of your previous posts. Or else I just have no clue what the hell your point is.


Wow. Table tennis would sure help me to be functional. How could I not think of that. Thank you!.(sarcasm)

Your ideas are really stupid. Sorry. I have worked construction, and I can assure you that there is not too much to do with functionality on the construction site. I worked on a crew that build small bridges, and drove steel guardrails last summer, and I learned that a good worker never picks anthing up. If you do it right, a 4x8 sheet of plywood will lift itself halfway. You don't pick up guardrails with your arms, you stand them on end and then shove them with your knee. When carrying rebar, you put your tallest men on the ends that way the bar will dip to meet the shorter men in the center. When pouring 'crete, you just shoot it where you need it and you dont have to shovel it.

I must admit though, this thread has been a GREAT usage of T-Nation storage space.


and how is that? i only questioned the whole concept of functional strenght.


so should go chase women and drink cheap whiskey then.


Sure did loose the weight, in college I was broke and the money helped, just a stupid college bet, but this thread is weak so I figured out that Id make it more exciting.
I also did a APF meet 5 years ago with 24 hour weigh-ins, made the 198#, the next day competed at 212, anyone have any good stories?