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Functional Skill

i was wondering how to you get to the point were you can go down from behing in like a wall way possition without a wall being there. I tryed this and well it didnt go so well.

ok after looking into these i wanted to see who could help me in developing the skills.

the kip i know is basically a movement which can be optained with some time doing it like a handstand walk. THe bridge to stand and off wall wall walk seem to be harder. Do you guys know of anything i can do to train for these things, also the pistols.

i know that some of you can do these and i just want to know some progressions to them.

You need to go find yourself a gymnastics site.

What are you talking about?

I can give you a tip on bridges, headstands, and handstands, but the kip and wallwalk is out of my vocabulary. Pics in series might help.

ok the kip i found out what i had to do and i got it the same with wallwalk.

but if you guys want to know what it is sure then.

the kip, u basically just go on your back on the ground,kick your feet out with force while also pushing with your hands and try to get yourself up. You probably have seen it on some jackie chan movie.

wallwalk is basically you go up to a wall, take a three steps away from it and bend down into a bridge and walk down with your hands.

Wall-walk–pretty easy, just practicing walking down the wall with your feet at different distances away, going as deep as you can. Also work your static bridge stretch, with an emphasis on stretching the SHOULDERS as well as the back… Practicing these positions and just pushing as hard as you can with your shoulders from the bridge will get you a bridge to stand.

Also, google ‘Drills and Skills’ for gymnastics and search the archives and articles at the dragondoor forum for pistols.

The wall walk is good practice for throwing a bridge. Once your flexability is up to snuff, bend at the knees a little, throw the hips forward while arching the back and drifting backwards. Continue pushing the hips up as you drift back. BE SURE to keep your hands slightly above your head. Land on your hands.

If you have a spotter, have him hold a hand as you pop backward.

Watch your head!