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"Functional Patterns" Trainer Says Deadlift is Bad - LOL


I was watching a video from this functional patterns guy.He basically claimed that deadlift is bad cause you have way too much leverage,and that you’d be way better lifting something odd that creates a moment arm,like a medicine ball.He also said that on the last few inches of the deadlift there’s no tension on the glutes!!!Although it sounds like shit to me,I cannot justify why he’s wrong.How would you some of the more educated t nationers respond?


P.s As much as I try,I’ve never managed to write a title that Chris won’t have to fix


He’s right. Less deadlifts, more sandbags, kegs and stones.

  1. I tend to agree. I would not say the deadlift is BAD (far from it), but it is no superior to the other heavily loadable hinge-movements (t-bar dl, strongman stuff etc.). The med. ball is probably the worst comparison thought, since they really don’t weight anything.

  2. Bullshit. At least should be. The deadlift should be finished with aggressive tension in the glutes (you’re basically pushing your hips forward - yes?)


All this functional talk annoys me. For example, I want to get strong. Progressively lifting more weights on the deadlift gets me stronger. Sounds functional to me.

Definition of function according to the oxford dictionary, “An activity that is natural to or the purpose of a person or thing”.

If your goal was to lift something odd that creates a moment arm, the deadlift might not be the most ideal exercise. That being said, I’m sure it still helps to be able to deadlift a shit ton. So is it still functional? Yes, it’s functional in the sense that it gets you stronger hence increasing the chances of you lifting something odd.

I’m going to argue that pretty much everything is functional to a degree. Let me steal a page out of @T3hPwnisher’s book.

If your goal were to be stronger, this is in fact functional. The guy who squats 135lbs on a bosu ball is stronger than the guy who doesn’t squat, that being said, I’m not advocating squatting on bosu balls. It functions as a way to get stronger albeit a stupid way that’ll probably end up hurting you.

Everything is ‘functional’ but not everything is effective.


Fuck him (functional pattern guy)…sorry thats as educated as I feel like being at the moment.


When you deadlift, the weight stays under your hips.

Outside of the weightroom, you often have to get your hips underneath what you are lifting. Like when you put a big box of Christmas decorations back on the shelf in the attic. Or if you shoulder a big-ass log or something.

If you ONLY deadlifted, you MIGHT have trouble lifting a stone to a 6 foot platform. Thankfully, you can deadlift and still do other stuff to work on your ability to “one motion” stuff up to your chest.

If there is no tension on your glutes at the top of the Deadlift, I think you’re doing it wrong. I have seen plenty of dudes “finish” the dead by leaning back more than pushing the hips forward. Or hitching the bar or whatever. I’ve hurt my back by deadlifting shitty with not enough glutes/hips. But that’s an issue with me, not with the Deadlift.