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Functional Muscle COOL Vid



notice what's on his left arm already, LOL

though this one is impressive, http://www.gordbrownskiing.com/Movies/AJ%20Bear-Swiss%20Ball%20Jump.WMV
pointless but impressive

When will this guy learn, when he breaks a leg?


haha that first one is hilarious. the second one is pretty cool, but is he training for a sport or somehting? if so, what sport?


skiing maybe? haha. look at the URL.


"Pointless but impressive" is right. Although I guess could see it as being useful for offseason training if he is an extreme skier.


I laughed out load when he fell on his ass.


The one leg hop would be useful for skiing. I don't know about that other stuff.


I was to busy watching bust his ass to notice the cast the first time.


Why are people so freaking dumb?


The Guys name is AJ Bear and he is an Australian skier. Did pretty good by Australian standards in his olympic events recently.

There is another thread about this as the vid was posted a couple of months back.