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Functional Isometrics for Sticking Points

I’m currently using isometrics to break through a squat plateau of mine, inspired by Dan John’s recent article ‘3 simple things that work’.

I’ll load up a weight that I can barely get off the pins right at my sticking point, and then sit there for a quick 5-7 count (roughly 5-10 seconds, I imagine).

Is this an appropriate time under tension? For those that have used it effectively before, how long were your isometric contractions?

I like to do two-week cycles of a lift and for the first week, hold it for 9 seconds, and for the second week, hold it for 5. I typically finish the lift after the hold, though. So for instance, squat down to parallel, hold, then come back up. It’s pretty brutal, especially if you get a partner to push down on the bar while you’re at the bottom!