Functional Hypertrophy on a Budget

hi everyone this is my first post on this forum, i came here cos i’m a bit stuck as in where to take my training , i want to build size but obviously not jus bodybuilder mass i want it to be functional, i was considering using the westside for skinny bastards template. has anyone got any better suggestions on how to quickly pack on mass which won’t ruin my mma game. not i dont have much money so expensive supps etc are unavailable, i also have no access to farm boy training methods.

thanks in advance

i have no program for you, but i do have a question. how would hypertrophy help your mma game? if you ever choose to compete in mma then you’d have to fight at a weight class. the aim is to be a strong/powerful as you can while being as light as you can. top bodybuilders are not strong compared to top powerlifters or olympic lifters, but they are much bigger/heavier, because they train for hypertrophy. hypertrophy is not your friend.

if you want to look big to look cool, then that’s a different story. just an example, look at fedor, he is by no means jacked, but read the accounts of all those that have versed him, they say he strong and we can see how powerful and fast he is. yet he is only 230 pounds and has probably over 25% fat. he could easily compete at 205. can you imagine the strength discrepancy that would create and the advantage he would have? the aim is to be fast and strong but light.

good luck mate

WSFSB III is an excellent choice- for athletes.

its on Defrancos website, Its 4 days a week two upper two lower and it is geared for in-season athletes
its solid.


WS4SB is good. There’s a thread called something like ‘WS4 BJJ guy’ on the site. If you wanted to just get strong in the shoulder press/bench/deadlift/squat you can buy the Wendler 5/3/1 e-book for 20 bucks. Very good program. For “supplements” I’d say meat and potatoes.

Why do you want to pack on mass?

cheers or the advice guy i suppose your right about packing on mass not really helping my game but i jus wanna add some bulk to my frame like(vanity) i dont wanna get freakishly big but i think i could add some more mass comfortably atm.

DO you compete in MMA?
If you are actually serious about it…you won’t care about vanity…you’ll care more about not getting knocked the fuck out in the fight and making sure your conditioning is good enough to last all the rounds.

Right now I train fighting, but not to the level of where I’m going to compete…in other words I don’t do any additional cardio or anything. I go to class 4x a week and train 1x a week at my house on the bag etc. for skills and I just drill drill drill.
That’s 5x a week classes…I can handle this + 4 days of intense liftnig caues I’ve done it so long now.

I can squat 405x10, and the next day have muay thai class and bang out reps of kicks with speed and power (includes push kicks, teeps, knee’s, low, mid and high kicks)…and the very next day do deadlifts.

If I’m gonna compete which I will eventually compete again…I will only be lifting 2x a week…full body no nonsense stuff and simnply work on conditioning like a mad man and my skills.
In standup you don’t have to be godly strong to be very proficent. Skills is everything.

And for supplements don’t even worry about that.
Protein shakes are good for extra protein and recovery. Have one in the morning, one in the afternoon, one after training DEFINATELY.
I recommend fish oil…I take Flameout on this site and I like it.

Creatine is good too.
Take 50mg of zinc a day, and a couple hundred mg of magnesium before bed…multivitamin wouldnt be bad either.

Zinc and Magnesium a bottle of a hundred or more I get under 10 bucks…you can find deals…I usually wait till thers a sale and its 4 bucks off and buy a shitload.
I really don’t know how seriosu about your training you are though…
Aside form that if you can’t afford any of that shit.
One thing will trump all.
Oh and lots of it.