Functional and Structural Question

I just reread CT’s “Get Functional, Get Structural, Get Started!” article and like the ideals in the article.

My question is about the structural section of the article. For structural CT recommends that a beginner does 10-12 reps and intermediate do 8-10 reps. Now I probably fall in between these two categorys but I’m not too crazy about high rep stuff, do you guys think it is ok to maybe raise the volume instead of the reps for a structial workout? For example 10 sets of 4-5 reps? Thanks

I think that would be OK, as long as you kept your rest intervals short enough to induce lactic acid build-up.

Any thoughts?


I think the whole point is to build a solid base before moving on to heavier wieghts to avoid injury…
If your not comfortable with the rep set scheme switch it up every once in awhile…But depending on your experience and your condition if you are just starting…There is a reason why you should do the higher rep lower wieght sets…

Thanks for the reply guys.

Red I can see where your coming from but I just hate doing high rep stuff, maybe CT will come and give his 2 cents into the matter.


One thing to remember is that many times it is the excersize that we like the least that give us the most gains. This is because it is damn hard and we lack in that particular area, or in this case rep scheme. The change in stimulus just may shock some growth out of ya.

Just a thought.


You do have a good point as well Phil. I will give it a shot and see what happens, I’m just nervious because I’m afraid my form will suffer especially when squatting or deadlifting, which has happened before when I did 8 reps with deadlifting my left knee started to hurt.
But I will give it a go and see what happens.



I am in the same boat as you right now sort of. I have been trying out the whole train each body part three times a week or more deal. 1 of those days I am doing high rep work with usually sqaut or DL. It is one hell of a change. I can just say, leave your ego @ the door and go for a lower weight so that form stay solid throughout. Save the heavy work for another day.


you should be focusing on function not structure. You look better when you score more tries than the other team.