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Funboys Working Out


Definition of fun boys in action..



First video is disabled. And polo...I fuckin hate you now...so gay...and not even like 'funny hat ghey' its full onslaught of gay.
Only redeeming moment: I'm not gay. I cant emphasize that enough.


Boy the 80's were an effed up decade. It didn't feel that way at the time...but geez.


Still about 65-75% less gay than "Hardcore dancing"


They still have that competition?



You know they do that triple push up at home, except the guys on each end flip onto their backs.


go fuckin' cry about why dontcha


Padding of the crotch omg this shit made my day


Wow, can you believe those guys are from San Fran?! -lol


(I think my T-Levels just dropped a bit after watching that)


I'm likin that avatar, Stu.


^^^^^^^^^^ DO YOU SEE WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU WATCH THOSE VIDEOS?!?!^^^^^^^^ The Captain's drooling over Stu's avatar!

It's like "They Live" but with blatant gay images!

I hope you're happy, OP.


omfg. Evidently teh ghey was a real epidemic in the '80's. I really couldn't even get through watching that