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Fun Workout For You To Try


Yo guys...

This isn't supposed to be exactly serious but it's one hell of a fun little workout to have a go with.

Basically Select one or two exercises per bodypart... So say for chest you obviously have bench as one of your selections.

Start off on incline and put an easy weight for you say 45% of your 1RM then... You aim for 12 reps, if you achieve these 12reps you earn yourself a heavier weight say go up in increments of 10lbs. You keep doing this until you can no longer reach 12 reps. (This is basically a pyramid.)
Then go to normal bench repeat then to decline and also repeat.

You can do this for each of your bodyparts and it's pretty fun. I was getting a little bit annoyed when I kept hitting 12 reps on deadlift but it's a brilliant way to push yourself and I didn't think I had it in me to do some of the weight I did for 12 reps...

Good luck and have fun :slight_smile:


356 post and you thought this needed it's own thread?


Completely and totally stolen from nik133, but I thought that this thread could use this:

45 mins of hell workout:
1 minute: Bosu Ball Crunches
1 minute: Bosu Ball Squats
1 minute Hawt abs flex in mirror
1 minute Curls
25 second break

30 seconds 10 rep 1/10th squats (as much weight as possible, this will help you with your next exercise).
1 minute of loading (get to at least 700 pounds) and unloading the bar with weights
1 minute of screaming
1 minute of talking to all the hawt broads (you can lift up your shirt to wipe the sweat off your forehead if you want)
1 minute shadow boxing
1 minute of telling everyone how hyoooge you are and how you don't take steroids
30 seconds 10 rep of backflipkneetuckjumpingjacklungeintohiddendragon on a bosu ball
1 minute break

1 minute being gay
30 seconds MMF
45 seconds buttsexcks
1 minutes of telling yourself it's only gay if balls are touching
2 minute of spotting squats too closely and getting turned on
30 second rub one out in the dressing room because those squatz totally turned you on
30 second rest

1 minute of talking about how creatine is roidz
1 minute of breaking walls because your friend accidentally slipped you some creatine
1 minute crying
30 seconds of throwing books
30 seconds of pushing people close to you and telling them YOU'RE OK
30 seconds of getting massive gains from your cycle
1 minute Telling everyone how sorry you are for your rage and you promise not to take creatine or protein again

1 minute be gay in place
1 minute walking around the dressing room naked
2 minute plank (on top of a guy).
1 minute worth of gayness
30 sec of wondering how awesome you will be when you post your rad workout on T Nation
90 second rest

1 minute flex
1 minute flex in front of trainer
1 minute flex at inanimate objects
1 minute of telling yourself YOU'RE IN CONTROL
1 minute flex and take HAAWWWTT pics for myspace (make sure to puff your lip out and apply makeup and lip gloss)
1 minute break

rubbing up on men in the shower 1 minute
150 seconds of staring at men as you pee in the urinal beside them even though there is 20 urinals and only two guys taking a piss
150 seconds of thinking how small Prof X is compared to you
5 minutes punching your bag
5 minutes of stretching (in the squat rack preferably) while playing Eric Prydz Call On Me on your phone
workout complete.. good job lol.

But honestly, I don't see a great deal of merit in this... don't you basically do this when you're warming up?


I've been trying to figure out a polite way to ask this but I can't...how did you get into T-Cell?


lol! ouch


lol i thought the same thing when i saw he admires someone with a 240lb deadlift


I admire someone with a 240lb deadlift? Maybe so but not for that reason. I admire people for many reasons.

I got into T-Cell because I put on 17lbs in just under a year. My gains haven't stopped. Maybe I say stupid shit but I get results. Good genetics I guess since I'm obviously an idiot huh.


tf is T-Cell


Was that all lean? I think you could probably stand to gain weight faster unless you compete in a weight category or something.


To every beginner:
Don't try to invent a new program, pick one that has been proven to work and stick with it. Making an effective program is an art and a science.
Gosh if we could put a signature in this forum I'd make mine something along those lines.


Is it just me but for your weight 17 pounds of muscle isn't that impressive in a year.


No your right it's good but it's not all that impressive for newbie gains. I've seen better.


I put 20lbs of lean on the first half of this year and I'm not in the T-cell :frowning:


Seeing stuff like this makes me feel even worse...

Id literally kill to gain 17 pounds in a year.

Ive gained 5 this year, with hard training, strict large diet and nutrition and rest.

As far as im concerned, 17 pounds in amazing. I dont care who you are.


I've seen people gain 20 pounds in 20 days with GOMAD. Or maybe I read wrong.
Is 17 pounds a lot for a year??


May I humbly suggest that perhaps your strict large diet is not as large as you believe?


You could, but i eat around 8-9 meals a day, usually about the 300g protein mark ( i weight 74kg) i eat plenty of wholegrain carbohydrates and vegatables. I dont particulary count calouries (a weakness i admit) but i focus on the nutritional value of each meal in a 40-40-20 composition.

haha, i have hijakced this thread hard...woops?


alright that's the fourth time i've heard about gomad. I know what it is, I just want to know if a very large portion of the gain is lean muscle.


I think you all, except for maybe 2 of you and the OP are idiots. This site is beginning to get ridiculous with all the keyboard warriors. The man TRIED to come up with something while you all sit around and criticize. Who the fuck knows if it really is a fun workout to try once??

He's obviously doing something right if he put on 17 pounds. Most idiots on this site are 135 pounds soaking wet but claim to boast a 500lb bench press and slam their keyboards with their dicks.

I think maybe I'll try it out on my chest day, see how it goes.


Aren't you still growing? In height?