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Fun with Stimulants

OK, looking for some intelligent ideas and discussion about delivery methods for stimulants such as Ephedrine HCL, Caffeine/etc…

Is there any benefit for applying Ephedrine transdermally (of course caffeine would have to be applied as well) such as a sustained release/etc?

Is the molecular weight low enough?

I’ve noticed liquid forms of stiumlants seem to have a great deal of “immediate” punch and are great for pre-workout use. It would be interesting to see if ephedrine transdermally could have benefits as far as an “all day” stimulant.

Bump This! Bill? Anyone? Share!!! I’m currently putting together a “home brew” liquid version with Ephedrine HCL,caffeine,vinpocotine,L-tyrosine,5-HTP,Yohimbine HCL, DMAE, synepherine for amusement purposes.

Hi, Jim. I’m interested in the topic, but have no expertise in that area of delivery systems. You might want to post your question on the Chemical Solution forum at the top of the screen.

I do have some concerns about your home brew. You’re talking a lot of stimulants; i.e., caffeine, ephedrine and synephrine all in one batch?!? Normally aspirin is included into an ECA stack to reduce the amount of ephedrine required for thermogenesis. It’s a safety thing. And, too, there are ratios of caffeine to ephedrine that need to be respected for effectiveness and for safety.

My other concern is the fact that you’re including yohimbine HCL with ephedrine. There are those that do combine the two, but it would probably be better (once again from a safety perspective) to use them at different times of the day or even different days. Any one of the stimulants you’re looking at could aggrevate an underlying/hidden cardiovascular condition. Even if you already take all of the items listed, changing the delivery system could give you a punch that you’re not expecting.

Jim, I really could go on, but instead I would ask that you proceed cautiously. The home brew looks more like a witch’s brew to me. But then again, maybe you’re stronger on physiology, biochemistry and how the different adrenergic receptors work and the potential repercussions than I’m aware of.