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Fun with Rhymes!

Hey guys!

I’m bored. Enter your favorite muscle rhymes. Here are mine:

-Shoulders like Boulders
-Gunday Funday
-Curls for girls, tris for the guys
-Sickness for thickness

Haha! K go.

Work like a dog, Eat like a hog, Sleep like a log.

If you curl in the squat rack, you will get tapped on your nut sack

Hey your gay.

Spinal erectors for chick infectors.

[quote]horsepuss wrote:
Hey your gay.[/quote]

“Hey you’re gay, all the way.” Now it rhymes.

Eat the pie, crush the uteri

“FutureGL and sickabs, man do they look like fags”

[quote]legendaryblaze wrote:
“FutureGL and sickabs, man do they look like fags”[/quote]

The syllables must rhyme, having an ugly face like yours should be a crime.


Great meter…

You say “tomato”, I say “fuck you.”


The next person who posts in this thread, takes it up the ass and gives dudes head.

I made my girlfriend post, cuz she’s datin the man with the most

All I need is the is the dick of sam sneed.

No glove, no love.

from my prison days:

Snitches get stitches for talking like bitches

Trouble at school cuz you don’t think you’re cool?
Lift weights motherfucker till you slobber and drool.

shut up and squat.

Lay out the black rose my dick’s out to rack hoe!

How much they hate it, very
Kiss girls like katey perry
I ain’t never sprung, but I spring her, Jerry
Don’t try this at home, results may vary.