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Fun With Noodles


I bought a couple of those swimming pool noodles today because I saw some potential for using them in workouts. I don't know if these will become "staples" but hopefully someone can find a use for one or more of them.

First is for wall squats. I remember Simmons mentioned doing these with a ball, which I have tried, but this is more stable, and a good back massage too.


The second idea I got was to use them as quasi-isometric bumpers for lockouts.


Third, with a smaller (but by no means more flaccid) noodle, for use as thick grips.


And fourth was as a bar centerpiece for doing an alternate to board presses.

You can also use them as foam rollers for the muscles.


Great stuff Mertdawg, tks. I like the one for the grip the best. Will be adding these for sure.


Theres a guy w/a geocites page that listed a few diff uses for them.
He lists them as thick squishY handles, an a cpl of other things.
I like to use them on an oly bar for zerchers, makeS it a hell of alot more comfortable.
Also, Monster Noodles are great for Fascial Release, those are about 6/8 inches wide and are a good bit stiffer.
I also cut some of the Monster Noodle to fit the handles to my dip stands, allows a person alot more space/area to place your hands.


Thanks for the Zercher tip APE.

I also used them around an oly bar set in the rack for a form of standing preachers.

If you use the thinner ones around a bar for closegrips, you can kind of dig in and apply outward pressure with the triceps.


Or the Zercher setup you mentioned works great for thigh support stiff leg deads.


I went to home depot and found a dowel rod to put in the center for use with myofascial release. Makes them a little stiffer, plus, someone can use it on you if you cut the noodle a little shorter than the dowel.


Great suggestions and pictures. Thanks!


I want to go swimming in a swimming pool filled with noodles!