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Fun with Bands


Just thought I'd share my experiences with my first few weeks working with JS Bands. For christmas my GF bought me some "average" Jump stretch bands (green). I've been holding off on buying them for a few years, I wanted a better PL style squat (550) before I tried them.

Well, these things are tough as sh**. I went through DT's conditioning squat cycle beforehand and included LA pulls, to be sure I was in shape. Hell no.

First My training partner and I noticed the extreme soreness (Hammies) that DT was talking about in his accom res. article.

Second 10x2 really gasses me. These are no joke.

Third It took me a few sets with 135 to get used to unracking the weight. It really throws you down. Very awkward, if you are not used to it. Now I'm trying to learn how to use this effect to help power the weight up (KEAT idea)

Fourth, I added 35lbs to my full squat in two ME workouts. Jesus these are great. I can't wait to try a ME PL style squat or box squat. I haven't had strength increases like these since I was a beginner.

When I'm warming up my legs I really feel stronger and faster. I wish I had tested my vert, I'm sure it's much higher.

Personally I love them but I can feel they are really hard on the body, my body at least.

I'm planning on cycling them for three weeks (ended today) rotating to chains for three weeks and then straight weight for three weeks.

BTW, I train for power, strength and to just be "in shape". I've trained WSB style for a few years now. First with the GFH attitude, but I really didn't like the way I felt at the higher weights and have been really slowly trying to diet and train it off.

Just as a final note,
I'd reccomend building a good base of strength and conditioning before messing with bands. They are very effective and I'd say very advanced.



How did you set up your cycle with wieght and bands? Did you use full squats instead of box squats? Was your max effort exercise the full squat?



I used box squats set an inch below parallel. Typical WSB style. The full squat was my ME movement. My box squat weight was 225 (40%) plus bands. I started with 8x2 and worked up to 10x2 with 60 sec rest.

On my conditioning cycle I was resting 30-45 sec, but the bands really gassed me so I rested longer.


BTW, I was surprised with the band carryover on the box squat to the full squat. My training partner noticed similar gains. He actually added 25lbs+ to his clean. 220x1 - 245x5


"On my conditioning cycle I was resting 30-45 sec, but the bands really gassed me so I rested longer."

Even during my hardest cycles i only rest 45 seconds.


I was using Dave Tates Conditioning cycle outlined in 8 keys. He reccomends less than 45 sec rest. I was usually around 35-40 sec